Henry Leck
June 2014

Join me in Austria

Henry Leck - KI's Spain festival June 2012  

Austria with Henry Leck - June 2014

AUSTRIAN FESTIVAL CONCERT - Festival Choir Performances in Vienna & Salzburg with Henry Leck


I would be honored if you and your choir were in a position to join me for my 2014 European Festival in Vienna & Salzburg.

Austria is the heart from which so much of our music has come. Explore it with me as we immerse ourselves in the style, culture, history and context that produced so much of our prized literature.

Our combined rehearsals and performances together will be highlights as will the individual concerts you might choose to have KIconcerts arrange. This is a glorious place to sing historic and wonderful music.

I hope you will consider it and I look forward to talking further with you about your potential participation.

– Henry Leck 

CLICK HERE to see photos of KI's Henry Leck Spain Festival in June 2012