Dr Anna Hamre
June 2015

Greece - Athens, Acropolis   Greece - Santorini

Greece with Anna Hamre - June 2015

CHORAL ODYSSEY GREECE with Dr. Anna Hamre - The Athens Choral Festival | Cruise the Greek Islands | Individual concerts | Gala concerts

Join us on our choral odyssey to the land of Homer and Euripides.Explore the land of Zeus, Apollo, and the other Olympian gods.View the structural perfection that defines the Parthenon.Imagine the ancient Colossus presiding over the harbor at Rhodes.

Greece is the culture that formed our understandings of democracy and our notions of civilization.Enjoy the beauty and cuisine of the Mediterranean while we explore the city of Plato and Aristotle.As we visit Delphi, recall the troubled warriors who journeyed there to consult the oracles.Wander with us as we evoke the words of the great Socrates, who said, “Wisdom begins in wonder.”

Artists remember that Greece is the home of the Muses: writers continually search for their muses, travelers visit museums, and those with free time amuse themselves.We will make music in the land of Orpheus!

Join us in June 2015!

- Anna Hamre

Forever honored to be working with the formidable Anna Hamre!