Henry Leck
June 2019

Ireland 2019 with Henry Leck

Henry Leck Choir Festival - Ireland 2019

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Ireland calls to us all in many ways…its music, rolling hills, whimsical nature, quaint towns, intense history and some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet. 

Michael McGlynnOne of the finest contemporary Irish composers is Michael McGlynn and the finest ‘sound of Ireland’ today is Anúna. Join us as we workshop with Anúna and feature two Michael McGlynn pieces in our combined festival choir repertoire. 

I look forward to hosting you in Ireland with KIconcerts. We will stage individual concerts for our participating choirs in addition to rehearsing and staging our combined choir gala concert in a prestigious Dublin venue. We will enjoy Irish traditional music and dance and tour this fascinating country, being immersed in its unique culture. 

See you in Dublin!!! 

Henry Leck
Artistic Director & Conductor

Music of Michael McGlynn in association with Anúna | Individual & Festival Concerts