Mr Eric Dale Knapp

Italy with Eric Dale Knapp - June 2013

Passion of Italy - Join the festival choir in singing Mass at St Peter's Basilica and the Gala Concert Rome featuring Vivaldi's Gloria


The Passion of Italy Festival will be in its 4th year in 2013. I am proud to be directing the 2013 festival in Rome and have chosen Vivaldi’s Gloria as the piece for the combined festival choir.

With individual concert options in Venice and Florence for those who wish them, Passion of Italy presents a unique opportunity to sing in the birth place of the Renaissance. Singing High Mass at St Peter’s Basilica is a great honor as is the opportunity to stage Vivaldi in the country that brought us this unsurpassed Baroque master.

I look forward to working closely with participating choirs as we prepare for this musical adventure of a life time.

Eric Dale Knapp