Kevin Meidl

Badger State Girl Choir

Ireland 2018: It seems my favorite tour with KI is always my most recent one! I think this can be said about the Ireland adventure this past week. Wow…outstanding. Congratulations on excellent preparation and the actual production of the tour for our choir. It is hard to imagine having a better experience than the one provided by the KI team for the Badger State Girl Choir! My singers and parents had a wonderful experience with Ireland thanks to KI and the professional, detail-oriented approach they take with international performance travel. I think this was my best performance choir with the Badger State Girl Choir from all of our tours with KI. I am very appreciative and congratulation to you on this tremendous success!!

Angela Broeker

University of St. Thomas Choir

Vietnam 2018: KIconcerts really delivers on “unique tour experiences!” I wanted a destination that would be eye opening for our students – and opportunities for deep cultural exchange. Our 2018 Vietnam tour delivered on both! Our University of St. Thomas students are forever changed due to KI’s investment in the success of this tour. We have NO complaints – but we DO have bundles of gratitude!!!

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Matthew George

University of St. Thomas String Orchestra

Mexico 2018: Having worked with KIconcerts on more tours than I can remember, saying that I’ve never been disappointed would be an understatement. Their expert care and delivery are second to none, and the most recent tour we took to Mexico yet again exceeded my expectations. The Mexican culture is rich, and the audiences are profoundly appreciative. Mexico and KIconcerts were a perfect combination for great performance and touring opportunities.

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Robert Colbourne & Amy Smith

Holy Heart High School Choir & Jazz Band

Ireland 2018: KIconcerts provided us with a tour experience that was second to none. From top quality hotels and restaurants to the most professional and personable tour guides they made our experience in Ireland one to remember. Our choir and band students had an amazing and memorable experience. KIconcerts offers a tour service that raises the bar! We look forward to our next tour adventure with them!

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Adam Cave

Cherry Creek High School Girls’ 21

Ireland 2018: Once again, KI has hit an absolute home run. The concerts, exchanges, and clinics they arranged during our trip to Ireland were some of he best I’ve experienced in my career.

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Maricel Riley, Choir & Orchestra Director

Los Gatos High School

Spain 2018: I have always been very impressed and happy with KI. The level of service is unquestionable. I have always felt the personalized service provided to our group. Thank you for providing our students with a wonderful experience!

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Michael Pens, Band & Orchestra Director

Los Gatos High School

Spain 2018: This was my first time traveling with KI Concerts (though Los Gatos High School has used them for many years) and they far exceeded my expectations! Their level of service is unmatched, and their attention to detail was amazing. I don’t think you’ll find anyone else who will be so personally involved with you on this journey. Anything I needed while on tour, there was always a KI representative nearby I could ask. Thank you for giving our kids such an incredible experience.

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Jason S. Traczykiewicz

Council Rock High School North Orchestra

Iceland 2018: KI went above and beyond to make certain all of the participants had an amazing time. This includes having knowledgeable guides, perfect musical venues, great lodging, and delicious meals. KI even altered our travel arrangements so we could have more time experiencing the culture. Many companies can put on a great trip when nothing goes wrong, but great companies can handle different situations quickly and calmly. We had to alter arrangements because of a weather emergency and it was handled so quickly, we were all able to get out on the next flight and missed very little of the tour. KI’s relationships with all parties involved (travel, guides, etc.) can make the impossible possible.

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Kendra Lipman

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Madrigal Singers

Ireland 2018: In my 20+ years of traveling with choral groups, our trip to Ireland with KI was one of the absolute best trips! The KI team was incredible to work with and provided exceptional tour support throughout our travels. Our tour guide was a perfect match, collaborations with local schools forged warm global connections and friendships, the tourist attractions equally enthralled adults and teenagers, and the performance venues booked were world-class. My students and I will always cherish our tour to Ireland. I look forward to planning many future tours with KIconcerts! St. Patrick's was an honor to perform in but Christ Church was truly the "icing on the cake." I've never conducted in such a perfect acoustic space for choirs. Seems you worked magic with our performance settings.

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Dr. Terese Gemme

Southern Connecticut State University

Portugal 2018: The choir trip to Portugal was pitch-perfect. What an exquisite country - Lisbon, Sintra, Fatima, Porto, Albufeira—a superb tour packed into ten perfectly paced days! We simply fell in love with Portugal— its charming cities and picturesque landscape, a wealth of historical treasures, breath-taking churches with magnificent acoustics, standing-room only audiences, dynamic exchange choirs, the magnanimous hospitality of the Portuguese people, not to mention gorgeous hotels, amazing daily culinary delights, and Algarve’s stunning southern coastal oasis. Another extraordinary trip thanks to KI’s unsurpassed knack for programming and an incomparable and dedicated professional team.

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Christopher Pratt

Grosse Pointe South High School

Spain & French Riviera 2018: I really enjoy working with all of you at KI. The trip was great and all enjoyed themselves. Thank you!

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Sarah Harrison

Cherry Creek Meistersingers

Iceland 2017: Our program will only travel internationally with KIconcerts. Their professionalism, organization, and high quality of performances are unparalleled. All three performances were wonderful and memorable. Each were very different. It was great for our students to sing with the local choirs. Both of those concerts felt very real and human. Our performance at Hallgrimskirkja was life changing - a beautiful and stunning space. Such an honor to perform there - and such a great audience!!!

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Chris Goff

Perth College Choir

UK 2017/18: We are so grateful for the thoughtfulness, organization and delivery of this tour. All concert venues, activities, travel arrangements, meals and accommodation were top class. Thank you to Susan, Matthew and Oliver (KI) for the extreme thoroughness of the organization and preparations. Once again, Jan shone and flourished as our tour guide and was a hit with our girls and parents.

Heather J. Buchanan

Artistic Director, Passion of Italy

Rome & Florence 2017: The attention to details large and small by the KI Team allowed me to quite literally sit back, relax, and make music. This was by far the most enjoyable European trip I’ve ever undertaken. The artistic and logistical support afforded us was exemplary – nobody does it better than KI Concerts! Thank you most sincerely for your commitment to artistry. The rehearsal time was adequate and every venue we performed in was spectacular. The local exchange concert choirs were delightful. I was personally fed by the music-making on this trip. I did not have to compromise (as is often the case on tour venues) and there were many moments that were truly sublime. The audiences were large and enthusiastic, and the local musicians we collaborated with were excellent. The music-making on this trip also allowed my students to grow as ensemble artists and soloists, and to make valuable musical and human connections with each other as well as kindred spirits from another country. A priceless gift and benefit of the international touring experience.

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William Liberatore

Gunn High School Choir

Ireland 2017: I LOVED the tour and loved every bit of what you all created for us. Every hotel, every concert, the food, the planning of every bit of it was really wonderful. I know the parents and students felt the same way. The trip was spectacular in every way.

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Erin Colwitz

Northern Michigan University

Voices United Austria! 2017: I have worked with KI before and always been extremely happy with the product, but this trip seemed to exceed my expectations and those of the students. Krakow and Vienna, both amazing cities, were made that much more interesting and exciting with extraordinary meals and amazing venues at which to sing thanks to KI and their amazing staff and crew. Many thanks to Michael and Oliver for always going above and beyond for the conductor, accompanists, and singers.

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Alison Seaton

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Passion of Italy with Heather J. Buchanan 2017: Absolutely the best!

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Tricia Neff

Herndon Ecumenical Choir

Spain 2017: Thank you to the staff at KI for another successful trip. You take such good care of us. Can’t wait to start planning our next adventure.

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Dr Matthew George

Grand Symphonic Winds

Spain 2017: Why would I ever consider going anywhere else than directly to KI? Once again, your vision of what an instrumental performance tour should be, with not only the typical travel logistics one would expect, but the keen attention to venues, acoustics, equipment and of course, building an audience, is unrivaled. How is it that you are able to get better each time we do this?!?

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Sarah & Melanie Penicka-Smith

Pacific Pride Choir

Germany & Poland 2017: The KI team went above and beyond to tailor a tour that offered our choir members inspiration, the chance to form close bonds with each other and with our international hosts, and an educative, behind-the-scenes engagement with some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Our confidence in KI is supreme.

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Marcia Hendricks, Executive Director

Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale

Australia 2017: Our recent tour to Australia was fabulous due to the careful planning of KI. They listen to what you want to do and deliver! Their guides are top-notch and make the tour effortless. Their personal attention to detail is what makes the difference. We feel that we are part of their bigger musical family instead of just being a client. Kudos to our friends at KI!

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Jeffrey Faux

Fort Myers Mastersingers

JOHN DICKSON FESTIVAL, ITALY 2017: Traveling with KI Concerts was EASY! They were so organized from the very beginning. It made my job as the music director so much easier than other companies I have worked with. I appreciated the courteous and friendly way they handled our questions and the way they made accommodations for our group. Our tour coordinator was amazing! She attended to everything we needed, and was a delight throughout the trip. She really made the experience quite wonderful for all of us. Through the entire process I felt like we were in good hands. I would certainly use KI Concerts again.

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Milton Pullen, Artistic Director

Bay Area Chorus of Greater Houston

Ireland 2017: We loved our tour very much. This was a great trip and you are to be highly commended for your service to the BAC.

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Faith McKinney, Director of Programs Abroad

Concordia University Irvine

Germany & Austria 2017: I can’t thank your whole office enough for all you did for this tour. I hope to work with all of you agin in the near future. KI is the best. They take care of everything plus they become your family.

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Troy Davis

Aragon High School Band & Choir

Italy 2017: This was a wonderful trip. We look forward to working with KI Concerts again in the future!

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Kevin Meidl

Appleton Boychoir

Iceland 2017: KI Concerts has provided the Appleton Boychoir with special musical and cultural adventures in Iceland that were simply outstanding. We could never have dreamt of a concert tour bringing together such amazing natural wonders with some of the loveliest people on the planet. Our music was well received and the exchanges with local music ensembles made a significant impact on our Boys. Thank you for bringing this amazingly spectacular slice of the world to our singers and for the professional approach you took to make sure every aspect of our visit would be perfect! Congratulations on a successful and extremely unique adventure in Iceland…the Appleton Boychoir will not soon forget the hard work you all put in on our behalf!

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Anna Hamre, Director

Fresno Choirs

Spain & French Riviera 2017: While I could review each meal and hotel, that truly means less to me than the care you give to our participants. Yet again, we had a wonderful time. I particularly appreciate the attention you and your team give to our individual needs, taking into account the kind of group we are bringing and the venues and events that would afford us a meaningful experience. Those experiences have been delightful, and the extra care you have given us in addressing our needs has been exemplary. If you wish to use any of this for your publicity, feel free. I will not, however, tell them the full extent of all you did for us---because it was WAY BEYOND what you are paid, and you shouldn't be expected to replicate it, even for us (your long-term customers).

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Richard Prouty

Whitewater High School Chorus

John Dickson Festival, Italy 2017: This was my first experience with KI Concerts and was blown away! My choirs have toured Europe several times before, but this tour was the best I’ve ever experienced. Everyone with Ki, from the beginning to the end at KI, was extremely professional. Thank you KI for creating a program that has changed the lives of my students and parents. I will not travel to Europe with any other company ever again!

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Anna Keyes, Managing Director

Minnesota Boychoir

Spain & French Riviera 2017: KIconcerts created a unique and special tour for our choir, one that our choirboys will never forget. We had a wonderful tour guides throughout the trip, and our impressive concert venues, complete with audiences that filled each space, were the result of KI’s reputation and contacts.

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John Dickson

Artistic Director, John Dickson Festival

Italy 2017: I want to commend Michael and KI Tours for trusting me with such a valued position as guest conductor. I have planned and led many tours but I must say that KI exceeded my expectations as they attended to every detail with great care and little fuss. I am so impressed with the entire team – from Michael the “head – dude,” to Melissa and now Matthew as tour coordinators, to our wonderful group and coach guides, and finally the local guides -- Becky and I were most impressed with this outstanding travel company.

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Catherine Sailer

Artistic Director, Catherine Sailer Rome Festival

Italy 2017: Many thanks to KI and their work connecting us to our fantastic performance spaces, our Italian musicians, and the tours that informed us of the magnificent history and meaning behind them. We were surely in capable and caring hands throughout.

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Dr Larry Wyatt

University of South Carolina Concert Choir

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2017: I have never had a tour that was so well run in every aspect. The hotels were great. Kevin was a fantastic guide. Tommy was super and everything ran like clockwork. I cannot imagine a better run tour. As always it was great fun working with you.

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Dr Matthew Westgate

UMass Amherst Wind Ensemble

Ireland 2017: KI Concerts put together a wonderful concert tour to Ireland for my wind ensemble. All of the logistics were handled smoothly, the tour guide was incredibly informative and engaging, and the concerts with local musicians allowed us to connect with people in every community we visited. Performing at Christ Church Cathedral is something we will never forget. Thank you, KI Concerts, for helping us create fantastic memories that we will take with us for the rest of our lives!

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Nathan Windt

St Ambrose University Chamber Singers

Italy & Austria 2017: Once again, KI has put together a terrific tour for my choir. Every possible detail was worked out, not just in concert location and logistics, but also in securing wonderfully enthusiastic and receptive audiences that made this tour a musical memory for our students that will last a lifetime. I’m grateful for KI Concerts, as they take all of the worry out of tour planning, allowing me to focus entirely on why we tour: creating an exciting musical and cultural experience for my choirs.

Dr Karen Kennedy

University of Miami Frost Chorale

Central Europe 2017: Another fantastic KI experience. Even our most jaded travelers had a ball, and loved every minute. The balance of performances to touring worked out perfectly. Already dreaming up my next adventure.

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Tim Savoy

Groton-Dunstable Chamber Chorus

Croatia & Italy 2017: KIconcerts bends over backwards to get you the best possible performances of a lifetime. Without question, my next international music trip will be booked through KI Concerts.

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Thomas King

South High School, Torrance

UK 2017: In my twenty-six years of teaching and 10 International Tours, KI Travel has exceeded my expectations and is an exceptional travel company. Their attention to detail and their understanding of international travel and how it relates to a performing group is the best in the industry. I give them an A+

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Jason Noble

Scarsdale High School Wind Ensemble

Australia 2017: Thank you so much for the best tour we've done yet! The kids were INCREDIBLY impressed, and they played so very well. I'm forever indebted to you both, and the entire staff at KI. I don't know how we'll ever top this one! A+ grade from us!

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Elizabeth Sesler-Beckman & Robert Ford

Gilman School Choir

Central Europe 2017: KIconcerts provided an unforgettable touring experience for our Gilman School Choir tour of Austria and the Czech Republic in Spring 2017. From the early planning of the trip to the final farewell at the airport, KI provided incredible service, flexible brainstorming, brilliant problem-solving, and a kind of engagement with and enjoyment of our group that made for a life-changing travel experience. The expert administrators, tour guides, and music specialists seamlessly accommodated our boys (ranging in age from 11-18) and provided a tour that was rich with cultural exploration, music history, jaw-dropping beautiful venues for singing and sharing music, and outstanding authentic dining experiences. We particularly enjoyed the opportunity to share venues and exchange ideas with other students from the host locations. We look forward to touring again with KIconcerts in the future. They are, simply put, the BEST!

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Mark Drummond

Melbourne Grammar School Symphony Orchestra

Central Europe 2016: Thank you to everyone at KI Concerts for everything you did to make our recent European tour such a great success. Your care, professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding and the comments I have received from students and staff confirms my own thoughts that this was quite possibly the best orchestra tour we have undertaken. The concert venues, audiences, hotels and tour guides were all excellent and made for a very memorable experience for our students. Thank you once again.

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Dr Gregory Gentry

Artistic Director, Notes of Joy festival • Director of Choral Activities, University of Colorado, Boulder

Italy 2015: KIconcerts=first rate tours! Between planning, execution, venue selection, and other details of international travel, KIconcerts personnel run a first rate tour organization. You will not regret anything in engaging them to run your tour.

Sue Fink, Artistic Director

Angel City Chorale

UK with Christopher Tin 2016: Kingsway International Concerts (KI) arranged a very successful tour for the Angel City Chorale (ACC) in the United Kingdom. Based in Los Angeles, ACC is an American, community based choir with over 120 adults who traveled to the UK with KI. Initial meetings with KI enabled us to communicate our vision for the tour and KI was supportive of the many things we wanted to accomplish. Our organization is very demanding and we felt supported by KI’s staff in terms of budget needs, travel plans, ground support and logistical and operational concerns. ACC performed three professional music concerts and one professional recording in Abbey Road Studios, through the support offered by KI. ACC members were safe at all times and thoroughly enjoyed their experience because of KI’s efforts. KI communicated with ACC in an open and transparent manner. KI was sensitive to our concerns and respectfully helped us manage issues as they arose. We have a deep appreciation of the volume and complexity of the work KI performed to ensure that our tour was a success. We recommend the services of KI for any organization interested in traveling abroad.

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Daniel Alfred Wachs

Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra

Spain 2016: Once again, working on an international tour with KI Concerts was a joy. This was the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra’s (OCYSO) second tour with the fantastic KI team, and we cannot recommend them enough. Their personal attention to detail, their caring, their flexibility and frankly their humor places them above the competition. With deepest appreciation to Michael, Oliver, Kathy and the rest of the team.

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Dr Matthew George

University of St Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Croatia 2016: Bravo and kudos for yet another tremendously well-organized tour! Once again, you’ve managed to exceed expectations.

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Frank Mazzeo

Pennsbury High School Marching & Jazz Bands

Australia 2016: I have taken my program to perform on 5 continents with 5 different tour companies. Without hesitation KI concerts is absolutely the very best- not just slightly better but heads and tails above the rest! Michael and Oliver have assembled an incredible team that are always courteous, exemplary, fast, knowledgeable, thorough, and took away any issues or worries I had. Oliver visited my school last month. I introduced him to the students as the man who put together our Australian tour and the students reacted with a thunderous applause. Any international touring that I will do in the future, will now be done solely with KIconcerts for the simple reason they are the best!

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Larry Wyatt

Artistic Director, Larry Wyatt Budapest Festival

Hungary 2016: I have now done four of these festivals for KI Concerts and I can tell you that they are a first rate organization.

Click here to see photos from the festival.


André Heywood

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir

Ireland 2016: Over the past three years, KI Concerts has provided two extremely different but equally extraordinary cultural experiences for our boys. During trips to Costa Rica and Ireland, our boys had genuine opportunities to experience local culture (not simply observe it), all the while, living in style in wonderful accommodations and performing in truly remarkable and significant venues. The KI staff were extremely helpful at every step of the way and were genuinely committed to ensuring the best possible travel experience for my group. I am anxious to start planning our next trip with KI!

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Jody Kienzler

Blessed Sacrament Parish Choir Jubilate

Elena Sharkova Festival, Ireland 2016: I wish I could tell the world how wonderful KI is.

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Kristin Gossett

FUMC Wichita Falls

Passion of Italy with Craig Hella Johnson 2016: KI was hands on from the minute we arrived in Italy! Fabulous staff!! Would recommend them for any travel. Thank you for upgrading hotels. Rome and Venice hotels were perfect! Close, so not much time spent on the buses-Great job! Thank you!

Click here to see photos from the festival.

Katrina Peddell

Canterbury College Cantabile Choir

Passion of Italy with Craig Hella Johnson 2016: Thank you seems hardly enough…what an incredible festival you have created. We felt so very blessed to be a part of it. The girls were overwhelmed with the sights and loved singing for Craig. I have so many favourite moments, but singing with the festival choir and working with Craig with fabulous repertoire has to be it. Thank you for a professional and well-run festival.

Click here to see photos from the festival.


Edel Thomas

Kent Place Chamber Singers

Passion of Italy with Craig Hella Johnson 2016: Again, my sincere thanks to you both for your warmth, kindness and support of an outstanding trip for me and the KPS girls. You are simply, “The Best!”

Click here to see a video of the festival.


Jane Tang

San Gabriel Valley and Rise & Shine Children’s Choirs

Notes of Joy with Rollo Dilworth, Austria 2016: It was a great trip and I thank you and your team very much for the accommodation to fit in our younger children to the program. All parents and children are happy, this is for sure a memorable one to treasure. We returned home happy and safe, that alone is a big accomplishment for everyone, not mentioning the good experiences the performers learned in the rehearsals and performances.

Click here to see a video of the festival.


Julia Fahey

Partners in Praise Girls Choir

Spain 2016: We all loved Spain and appreciate everything you and your KI team did for my PIP choir! We all got to experience and perform in breath taking historical structures and unique Basilicas and Cathedrals as a choir - leaving our voices still vibrating in the small nooks and crannies. Does it get any better than that? I don't think so. I know these girls will return to Spain sometime in their life because of all the love and careful planning on KI's part.

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Patrick Antinone

Grapevine-Colleyville Fine Arts

Austria & UK 2016: YOU PEOPLE continue to be the most impressive in the business. I simply can’t say enough. You not only do an outstanding job of scheduling our experiences, but you have done an excellent job of coaching and teaching me as a director as I have planned for my groups.

Christine G. Sargent

Rush-Henrietta Singers

Notes of Joy with Rollo Dilworth, Austria 2016: You won’t work with a more diligent, thorough and hard working team than KI Concerts. You can trust their professionalism and commitment to you and your performance ensemble.

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Craig Hella Johnson

Artistic Director, Passion of Italy

Rome & Pisa 2016: Once again, my experience conducting a KI international festival was extraordinarily special, truly unforgettable. They created a vibrant and robust adventure for all of us--one which combined joyful music-making with beautifully curated cultural immersion journeys, woven together with their deep commitment to fellowship and great fun. I cherish these festivals and all of the beautiful singers who participate. The Australian choral festival we are planning for the Sydney Opera House in 2018 is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. I can't wait to work with KI again-- Sydney is going to become a signifiant choral happening. In these strange and turbulent times, more than ever, we need to come together and declare the power of Love through singing together.

Click here to see photos from the festival.


Beth Jamison

Springboro High School Choir

Italy 2016: Thank You for 9 years of amazing adventures and quality musical performances. NO other travel company does it as well as you do. I tell everyone I meet in the music world how wonderful you are - and every travel agent that calls —- and there are lots of them — that I would never consider changing companies. Why would I - You are the BEST! :) Thank you for everything!!

Dr Monica Harper

Wesley Monumental UMC Chancel Choir

Germany 2016: KI Tours has been excellent in creating a personalized tour for us and accommodating us with all of our requests. They always respond immediately and kindly to questions that we have, and they have enabled us to sing in places we could have only dreamed. This is our third trip with them, and we are excited about our fourth down the road one day!

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Melissa Meyers

Grand Haven Orchestra

Italy 2016: We had a great time! Everything was so smooth and Edi is phenomenal. She is the best in Italy! Kathy was wonderful and took care of some cello issues we had right away. The concert venues were fantastic and I loved how we built up to the last venue. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, we felt so taken care of the whole time. Thank you to everyone for an amazing trip!

Dr. Jennifer Flory

Max Noah Singers - Georgia College

Larry Wyatt Festival Budapest 2016: This was my first experience taking my choir on an international tour and Georgia College's first international choral trip. KIconcerts was wonderful every step of the way from Tanya at the beginning, to Susan with logistics, and Kathy with performance details, and Linda and Michael on the financial side. Oliver was a pleasure with which to work from the inception though our trip and I cannot wait to collaborate again in the future. Our tour manager, Gabi, was the absolute epitome of charm and organization - she kept us on track and was flexible when we expressed a desire to adjust the itinerary. While this was the most stressful tour I have embarked upon financially, it was also the most rewarding tour musically and culturally. I already have plans in my head for a 2020 trip. Thanks, KI for experiences that will last a lifetime!

Click here to see photos from the festival.


Kathy Fletcher

Doxology Youth Choir

UK 2016: I would highly recommend KI Concerts to all of my colleagues. We had the trip of a lifetime!

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Dr. Eliezer Yanson Jr.

Bob Jones University Singers

Larry Wyatt Festival Budapest 2016: The Bob Jones University Singers and Alumni had a trip of a lifetime to Budapest, Hungary; and to Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. We were blown away by the professionalism and friendliness of Oliver Schofield and the rest of the KIconcerts staff who facilitated our tour. The concert venues were outstanding, and our concerts were well-attended. For our next international tour, I know which company to call!

Click here to see more photos from the festival.


Luanne Crosby

Alfred Volunteer Choir Company

Larry Wyatt Festival Budapest 2016: This was my second tour with KI and we were not disappointed. For a reasonable price KI provides some of the best concert venues and I am again impressed with the publicity they provide that seems to always bring in large, enthusiastic audiences. Tour guides are informed, friendly and go above and beyond the call of duty. I have traveled with other companies and KI still rises to the top. I love their easy going nature and sense of humor.

Click here to see photos from the festival.


Patricia Guth

Bucks County Women’s Chorus

Larry Wyatt Festival Budapest 2016: From the moment I contacted KIconcerts and spoke with Oliver, I knew this was the right match for my choir. Previous trips had proven too demanding for my mostly middle aged women’s chorus, but the staff at KI listened to my concerns and crafted a tour that was a perfect mix of sightseeing, culture, music, and free time to explore our wonderful destinations. In addition, the concert venues were first-class and the performances well-attended. Our guide was the best, too! We’ll be using KIconcerts for all our future performance tours!

Click here to see more photos from the festival.


Dr Marin Jacobson

Concordia University Irvine Donne di Canto & Men’s Chorus

Austria 2016: KIconcerts planned an outstanding tour. The organization and leadership of our tour was first-rate from planning through the amazing tour. The performance venues enabled out students to experience the joy of singing in cathedrals where their voices soared. I highly recommend KIconcerts to anyone planning an international tour.

Click here to see photos from their tour.


Dr Kenny Sheppard

Southwestern University Chorale

France 2016: Thanks to all involved in making this trip entirely successful! We had a wonderful time in this enchanted land, and the musical experiences were outstanding. Even the weather was great. How did you arrange that? We are fully aware that this level of attention from so many KI people is unusual for such a small group, and we are very grateful.

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John Burns

Council Rock HS South Marching Band and Winter Guard

Italy 2016: At every turn of our tour, Oliver and everyone associated with KI went out of their way to ensure the best possible experience for my kids. Everyone on the team worked together to adjust as the circumstances dictated, without compromising the experience for the kids and the parents. Our experience in Italy was one of the best international music tours ever!

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Christopher Pratt

Grosse Pointe South High School Concert & Show Choirs

Ireland 2016: As a director who has traveled across the United States and internationally with large groups of students, I can assure prospective directors interested in traveling abroad to perform, I can’t imagine a better tour company with which to entrust your time and treasure! Our trip to Ireland was one that has been characterized by my students and parents as the best experience they could have imagined! I couldn’t agree more! I am thankful that our colleagues at KI took such great care in the planning and execution of our trip. The sites, hotels, dining options and site-seeing opportunities capped off educational and fun performing collaborations with local schools and performing groups. I couldn’t agree more… this was just a wonderful experience for me, my students and their parents.

Click here to see more photos from their tour.


Scott Glysson

West Liberty University Singers

Ireland 2016: KI is a wonderful company that will treat you like family. Their personal touch and commitment to customer satisfaction is the best in the business.

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Margaret Lafferty

Nazareth Academy Chamber Ensemble & Choir

UK 2016: All of our students had a wonderful time on our tour of England. Our hotel was centrally located and we were able to experience the West end, Covent Garden and SoHo. Our tour guide was excellent and gave plenty of information as we passed through the city and countryside. Our students loved the workshop at the Globe workshop and have brought glowing reports to their teachers and parents. For this year our annual dinner concert will be an English tea party. We want to continue the London vibe.

Kevin Meidl

Appleton West High School Choir

Italy 2015/16: I would recommend this itinerary, Italy and KI Concert to any tour leader or conductor. It was absolutely a home run for the Appleton West High School Choir!! This was an amazing tour…complete with so much history that it is hard to believe. From a musical standpoint it was an A+ experience all around. Our singers and adult travelers came away from this voyage changed for the better and as the song goes “changed for good. The concert in Rome was simply amazing. There were hundreds of people…pews filled and folks standing 10 deep in the back. It was really a treat for all of us. And the acoustic was nice for our a cappella repertoire. I enjoyed that church with the Girls Choir a few years ago…wow…keep that relationship if you can. Nice building…great location!!

Dana Rothlisberger

Towson University Symphonic Band

China & Italy 2015: The amazing thing about KI Concerts is that they have a group of committed professionals, and it shows in the production of the tours. The travel arrangements are superb, the hotels and meals are great, the concert venues and audiences are spectacular, and the sight seeing and cultural opportunities are first class. If you need to travel, the best people to work with are KI Concerts.

Kenneth Haggarty, Director of Music

Thailand Shrewsbury International School

New York & Boston 2015: Our tour to New York and Boston was wonderful. The pre-planning and the care taken over the detail made all the difference. We felt very well looked after. Communication with KI staff was efficient, friendly and professional. Our orchestra and choir had an amazing time and came home with many happy memories. Thank you so much.

Vicki Blake


Choral Odyssey Greece with Anna Hamre 2015: KI Concerts has done an outstanding job of organizing three tours for our choir: Greece, China, and Costa Rica. One of the things I most appreciate is how KI tailors the tours to our specific desires for locations to visit, cultural exchange concerts, and a wide variety of performing opportunities as well as tourist activities. I absolutely loved it that Oliver, the director of KI, showed up for a day or two of touring with us. It is that personal contact and their desire to really listen to our needs and ideas that keeps me coming back to KI for our tours. I trust the folks at KI Concerts to have our best interests in mind, and that makes all the difference.

Click here to see more photos from the festival.


Chris Simon

Council Rock South High School Orchestra

Greece 2015: Anyone thinking about a European tour should make a Greece tour/3-day island cruise with KIconcerts their 1st choice! We just returned from our breathtaking tour of Greece. It was everything we had hoped for and more! Our 3 concerts to packed houses, the 3-day Greek island cruise, Santorini, and the Acropolis were so amazing that my students keep talking about the trip every day, every hour! In fact, many asked have asked if it really happened or if it was a too-good-to-be-true dream! I have led 4 overseas trips and have been on 5 others and I feel that this Greece trip tops them all! I can’t say enough about the hospitality of the Greek people and the wonderful planning by the entire KIconcerts team, including the Greek “Expedition” team. Thank you Oliver, Kathy, Susan, Michael and the entire KI team! Cheers!

Click here to see more photos from their tour.


David Hobson

Centenary College Choir

Central Europe 2015: KI Concerts delivers top shelf accommodations, concert venues, arrangements, and customer service. Our choir has made three tours with them, each unique in scope but managed with the same excellent consistency. Bravo!

Dr. Linda Shea

Summit High Instrumental Music

Spain & France 2015: Our trip to Barcelona and the South of France was truly the trip of a lifetime. All of the students and chaperones would agree that the program director who stayed with us for the entire tour was delightful beyond words. He became one of us immediately adapting to the “tone” of our group! The amazing historical sites, wonderful people and fabulous hotels satisfied everyone’s needs and provided for so many incredible memories that the students, chaperones and I will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you to Oliver, Michael, Erich and the rest of the staff at KIconcerts.

Chris Balkizas, Head of Music

Waverley College

Central Europe 2015: We have gone on a number of International tours with various musical ensembles and I felt that this tour out of all the previous tours was the most successful tour to date. The tour was well paced with spectacular performance venues and wonderful cultural immersion. The tour guide throughout this tour was fantastic and nothing was ever much trouble for her. I have had boys that went on our last tour to the East Coast of America that also traveled on this European Tour telling me how well organized this tour was from the last tour. My thanks go to KI Concerts for making this a great success for both the students and the staff that participated in the tour. The boys and the staff cannot stop raving about the tour.

Donna Zalichin

New Amsterdam Singers

Greece 2015: Thanks again to all of you at KI for planning such a successful tour.

Click here to see more photos from their tour.


Christopher Kiver

The Pennsylvania State University Concert Choir

Australia 2015: I won’t hesitate to use KIconcerts in the future. Friendly and helpful service both before the tour, and while on the ground in Australia.

Click here to see more photos from their tour.


Ian Loeppky

University of North Alabama Chamber Choir

Italy 2015: This is all to say that, while we have yet to tour with anyone other than KI, you guys have treated us so well that we see no reason to switch to anyone else. Keep up the strong work.

Alison Seaton, Director of Music

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Ireland Choral Festival with Rollo Dilworth 2015: KI International is a top-notch tour company. They combine professionalism, with creativity, imagination and a commitment to helping groups experience the most amazing tour possible. We look forward to many more lovely tours with KI!

Click here to see more photos from the festival.


Mary Breden

Loyola Marymount University

France 2015: Once again the great team at KI has put together a most memorable experience for the LMU Choruses. Only the best venues, appreciative audiences, local culture – helping to assure us of a most extraordinary opportunity to share our music!

Click here to see more photos from their tour.


Tricia Neff

Herndon Ecumenical Choir

Ireland 2015: I highly recommend KI Concerts for your next Concert tour. From the moment we decided to take on this adventure to well past our trip, the staff has been helpful and easy to work with. They anticipated our needs and helped make this trip smooth and stress free. Our guide was very knowledgeable and was able to keep our large group under control. The concert venues were beautiful and our tour of Cork, Dublin and bits of Ireland were planned perfectly. Having had this opportunity and this wonderful experience with KI Concerts, I will certainly be planning another European adventure, very soon.

Angela Broeker

University of St. Thomas Festival Choir

Peru 2015: By far the most wonderful international tour to date! The people of Peru were so kind and gracious and generous. I can’t imagine a better destination than Peru with KIconcerts!

Click here to see more photos from their tour.


Michael Ehrlich

Woodson Chorale

Austria, Italy & France 2015: This was my first experience with KIconcerts, but my 8th European Concert Tour. I can say, without hesitation, that it was, by far, the best tour of the 8 that I have taken. The planning began in the summer of 2013. Being flown to Colorado Springs to meet with the staff and do the initial planning was great. It was so nice to put faces with the people I would be working with for the next 2 years! Communication with KIconcerts was outstanding. Questions were answered quickly and the staff could not have been more helpful. Everything that was promised was delivered. The tour escorts were beyond great and I really appreciated having a representative from KIconcerts travel with us, as well. KIconcerts attention to detail is outstanding. If an issue arose during the tour, it was handled quickly and professionally. Advertisements for the concerts was very good and we had good audiences for all of our performances. The accommodations were excellent and our meals were also very good. Thank you all so very much for an incredible experience that the students, chaperones and I will never forget.

Click here to see more photos from their tour.


Adam Speakman

Downingtown East High School Chamber Choir

France 2015: KI provided our group the best tour experience that is humanly possible. The venues were incredible, the audiences large and appreciative, the accommodations superb, and the pacing and itinerary balanced the right amount of sightseeing and free time. We hope to tour with KI again soon.

Click here to see a quick video from their tour.


Jeremy Wong

The Honolulu Chorale

Sing Austria with Karen Kennedy 2015: The staff of KI are extremely professional, friendly, and flexible. The local tour guides are always top-notch, choice in clinicians brilliant, and the concert venues are simply stunning.

Click here to see more photos of the festival.


Ann Smith, Founder

Texas Youth Chorale

Ireland Choral Festival with Rollo Dilworth 2015: There were no disappointments or frustrations with KI on our Festival tour of Ireland. Rollo Dilworth is an excellent conductor, motivator and encourager for our children. He is a teacher at heart and an incredibly kind person. KI delivered exactly what they sold. We stayed in updated, clean hotels, had an incredibly knowledgeable tour guide, and most of all gave us the opportunity to sing in some stunning Cathedrals in Ireland. KI is professional in all forms of communication and will go the extra mile when needed.

Click here to see more photos of the festival.


Kristin Pfeifer

Notre Dame High School Belmont

Passion of Italy with Henry Leck 2015: KIconcerts is the gold standard of music tours. I am constantly impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail, exquisite music venues, and all with a constant smile. Not only do I feel that my students had a wonderful musical experience that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, I feel that our money was very well spent. Thank you KI – I think you are amazing and I look forward to our next tour with you!

Click here to see more photos of the festival.


Cameron Clarno

Santa Ynez High School Vocal Ensemble

Italy 2015: This was my first international trip with students and I was very nervous about it. The people at KI made it as simple as possible. Our tour guide was amazing and is someone I hope to keep in contact with forever. If you plan to travel with your choir/band KIconcerts is the way to go.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Tony Mowrer

Fresno Choirs

Greece 2015: This was my first trip off the North American continent and my first trip with KI. I enjoyed it and would do it again. KI did a terrific job putting together the details and managing the trip. Thanks!

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Faith McKinney, Director of Global Programs

Concordia University Irvine Handbells

Australia 2015: KIconcerts does all the work. You just bring the choir. When problems arise, they solve it immediately.

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Jason Noble

Scarsdale High School Wind Ensemble

Central Europe 2015: If you are a Director of an ensemble who wants a truly memorable experience, steeped in culture and educationally sound, I recommend KIconcerts without hesitation. They care about people and it shows from the smallest details to the biggest and most grand plans.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Fred Jewell

Monarch High School Chamber Orchestra

UK 2015: After our recent trip to London with KIconcerts, they are now our company for international travel at Monarch High School. Everything was handled well. It was a pleasure working with all of you. KIconcerts was just the best.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Brian du Fresne

Monarch High School Madrigal Singers

UK 2015: I will never use another company other than KIconcerts for my students’ international travel. KIconcerts’ attention to detail, willingness to take on the less fun elements of organizing international travel, and their ability to make the trip what we wanted for our students is unsurpassed in the industry. Thank you KI for an amazing and memorable experience.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Adam Cave

Girls’ 21, Cherry Creek High School

Central Europe 2015: When you work with KI, you and your students are treated like one of the family. This, combined with authentic musical performances and immersion in local culture, is why I will come back to KI again and again.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Dr. Kevin Meidl

Badger State Girl Choir

London & Paris 2015: The Badger State Girl Choir is proud to travel with KI Concerts. From initial planning the return trip home, the level of professionalism, care and quality I expect from a travel company is clearly evident in KI and its team. From itinerary to concert venues I can’t imagine a more carefully orchestrated experience for our travelers. The attention to detail is remarkable and proved over and over to be the difference maker between having a concert tour of Europe and an extraordinary concert-cultural experience for my singers. Congratulations to KI Concerts and thank you for creating life-enhancing experiences for the Badger State Girl Choir!

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Kevin Meidl

Appleton Boychoir

Peru 2014: KI continues to be the most reliable travel organization I have ever worked with regarding the quality of performance facilities, exchange ensembles and audience attendance.

Chris Marra

Los Gatos High School

Frank Ticheli Festival - London & Harrogate 2014: This was an absolutely amazing tour in all ways. The performance venues were world class, working with Frank Ticheli was a once in a lifetime experience, but what’s even more is that everything from the hotel, to the tour guides, to the coach drivers, to the logistics, even down to the food was outstanding! In fact, I am not sure I can think of a total touring experience that could really top this for high school students. So a big BRAVO to all of you at KI!

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Laura Kenney

Fox Valley Honors Orchestra

Vivaldi’s Gloria Festival - Italy 2014: It was a wonderful, well planned trip.

Thomas Gray Hardaway II, M.D.

Texas Children's Choir

France - D-Day 70th Anniversary 2014: The tour was an amazing, unimaginable success not just because KIconcerts “meant well” , but because KIconcerts “made it happen” in a conscious, meticulous way, every step of the way. I will never consider any other travel company for our future choir tours. Thank you, Thank you Oliver, your entire staff and those with whom you so very carefully contract.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Lyndsay Sealey

Northern Territory Music School

Voices Across the Pacific Festival - Australia 2014: I just wanted to say thank you from all of us here at NT Music School on the outstanding job KI concerts did for us as part of Voices Across the Pacific. Our students are still on an absolute high from their time in Sydney. For many of our students this was their first time on a plane, leaving the state, going in temperatures under 10 celsius, catching a train, and of course singing at the Opera House. They loved everything! It was fantastic for them to see so many other choristers and choir groups and see the standard of groups from around the world, giving them something to aspire to. Heather was great with our kids – far more patient than we are at home! It was a steep learning curve for all of our students, but the opportunity alone was once in a lifetime and one they are unlikely to forget. I can’t thank you enough for your patience with our repeated latenesses, our vomiter and our chatty chaotic minions. Thank you for allowing us to participate in such a wonderful trip, we hope to work with you all again in the future.

Melissa Walrath

The St. John’s Boys’ Choir

Costa Rica 2014: We had a trip of a lifetime. We can’t express how much we loved our guide and bus driver. SJBC will continue to work with KIconcerts for our international tour needs. Having them plan the tour allowed me to sit back and enjoy the tour with our boys!

Jody Kienzler

Blessed Sacrament Parish Choir

Henry Leck Festival - Austria & Germany 2014: Austria 2014 was my first KIconcert experience as a director. I have traveled w/ other concert groups and I must give KI a “10.” Every detail was seen to by a staff always ready to please. On site, the hotels, restaurants, cultural immersion, guide and driver were beyond believable. The music my students made with over 190 from across the US brought them all to a new level in their musical formation. Conductor Henry Leck is brilliant, a perfect personality to work w/ and bring the best out in children. The final dinner w/ every student spontaneously sharing their musical gifts, brought tears to my eyes. I met some great new colleagues as well. KI - you are #1. Thanks

Click here to see photos of the festival.

Diane W. Jones

Children’s Chorus of Carroll County

Henry Leck Festival - Austria & Czech Republic 2014: All of the performance venues were splendid and we all appreciated the unique visual and acoustic beauty of each place. To everyone at KI: thank you for a most memorable experience!

Click here to see more photos of the festival.


James Reddan

Linn-Benton Community College Choirs

Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga - World Choir Games 2014: Just to summarize - you all rock! This is the best tour I have ever done in my 12 years of teaching!!! By far the best tour I have ever had. This is…why I will keep coming back to KI.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Sarah Penicka-Smith

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga - World Choir Games 2014: Our 2014 tour really was an unforgettable experience. It was a lot more than just a singing holiday; wherever we went, we made connections. The organisation of the tour was great and I found the whole thing to be a hassle-free experience. Good hotels and restaurants too. However, what really stood out was the quality of the experiences which you organised for us.

Our tour wasn’t just a holiday, it was an experience. The way our choir connected with local people and ensembles gave our tour meaning and some very moving moments.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Dr. Matthew Westgate

Xavier University Band/Orchestra

Central Europe 2014: KI Concerts did a fabulous job planning our band and orchestra tour of Austria and the Czech Republic! I would definitely work with them again to plan our next international trip. Almost every one of my students came to me at some point during the tour and told me that this was the “best week of their lives!” Our tour guide and our bus driver were a fantastic team, and consistently went “above and beyond” to make sure everyone was comfortable and having a good time. The hotels were in good areas where the students could walk around and be part of the city. The audience was fantastic and the concert was well attended.

Gail Hart

Hart High School Choir

Italy 2014: Our Italy experience was fantastic, and one our students and parents will remember for a long time. KIconcerts’ arrangements were perfect. We never had to wait in lines, even at the Vatican, and all the tour guides were extremely knowledgeable. We all loved our tour manager, Michela. She was warm, caring, smart and took wonderful care of all of us. I have already asked my fellow choral directors, what are they waiting for? Take the plunge, and travel abroad.

Julia Fahey

Partners in Praise Girls Choir

Costa Rica 2014: I appreciate everything you do for my choir. You and your staff actually listen to my requests and figure out a way for it to work or a better idea. Know that this was was one of the best tours ever..... can't wait for next year! All of us had such a wonderful tour. Thanks for everything! I LOVE KI Concerts!!

Dr. Michael Busch

The Concordia Choir of Concordia University Irvine

Italy 2014: Thanks KI! I always know we are in good hands with every trip you put together for us! KI goes above and beyond to make our experience a terrific one! KI cares! I love their personal attention to every detail, whether big or small.

Nathan Windt

Tennessee Wesleyan College

Central Europe 2014: KI worked with us every step of the way, from planning (a year and a half in advance), to departure and return. The concerts were in beautiful venues, and flawlessly arranged, allowing our students to shine in performance. My students and I shared musical experiences and international memories that we will never forget. I will travel with KI again at my group’s earliest opportunity!

Sarah Harrison

Meistersingers - Cherry Creek High School

Spain & France 2014: Thank you. A trip of a lifetime for the students. Truly tremendous.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Paul Kasaty

Lutheran High School of San Diego

Central Europe 2014: Our tour with KIConcerts was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From our first conference call with KI through our arrival back at home at the end of the trip, KI made the experience truly unique. We requested a few unusual elements in our trip; nevertheless, our trip was smooth and perfectly paced. Our tour manager met us at the airport upon our arrival and made the entire trip a pleasure. He even saw us through security for our flight home! I would definitely recommend KIConcerts.

Tim Savoy

GDRHS Chamber Chorus

Italy, Czech Republic, Austria 2014: The Itinerary was excellent. The students felt that the trip was awesome from the moment they left Boston to the moment that they got back. The Basilica Mass was an honor to sing during. Overall- no complaints about our performances- thanks to your staff for doing an excellent job. It was great to see Oliver come out and greet us for the first part of the tour. That helped the parents on the trip see that your company is a very caring and committed company to work with. Thank you to Oliver.

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Beth Jamison

Springboro High School

Central Europe 2014: This was our 3rd time to travel with KI (China 2008, Ireland/Scotland 2011) so we were confident it would be good. This was a “custom tour” fitting into our spring break dates. The KI staff was great to work with, to add extra concerts and local tours at our request and to work with the schedule until it was nearly perfect for both of us. Everything from the flight schedules to the hotels, meals, tours, concerts – all worked together seamlessly. Awesome people who are in it for the right reasons – Thank you, Oliver, Susan, Claudia, Wendy, and the rest of the KI/PDM staff!

Click here to see more photos of their tour.


Dana Rothlisberger

Towson University Symphonic band

Italy 2014: KIconcerts, from Oliver Scofield through all members of the team, produced a marvelous trip for our concert band. We had a wonderful time during our 8 day Italy tour including stops in Venice, Florence, Assisi, and Rome. The KI team worked with us to tailor a trip that allowed us to perform concerts in three distinctly different venues with appreciative audiences and cultural exchanges. I am so impressed by the way KI is student-focused. Their vast knowledge and experience was evident in all of the details. They made it seem effortless for us to experience what many students will call ‘a trip of a lifetime.’ We had a marvelous tour guide (Edi) with us for the entire trip, and the local guides that were with us in the various cities were outstanding. The value of our trip far exceeded the cost of travel, food, and lodgings. Each of us came home with priceless memories of what is now a significant event in our lives. KIconcerts allowed it to happen, for which all of us in the Towson Italy Band are extremely grateful. Your hard work & attention to detail allows the participants to have a seamless tour experience.

It is like magic. You are the magicians. See more photos of their tour.

Towson University Band Italy 2014

Alyson Shirk

Lyric & Concert Choir - Maryland

Hungary 2013: The Hungary trip is stuff of legends! KI provided a musical tour experience that was life-changing for me and my students. From point of contact to the trip's end, KI's professionalism, attention to detail, and remarkable care were all superb. I look forward to my next KI experience.

Jason Noble

Scarsdale High School Wind Ensemble

England & Finland 2013: After having a less-than-stellar experience with a large, corporate-minded travel company, I sought a new business relationship for my top wind ensemble, which reliably travels every two years. I wanted a tour operator that listens to its customers, doesn’t use “stock boiler plate” itineraries, and treats its customers like family. I am delighted to say that I found this with KIConcerts. Just as I demand excellent and professionalism from ensembles under my direction, I expect the highest level of professionalism, collegiality, and productivity from a tour company. I’m delighted to report that KI delivered on all its promises. We were able to organize and secure an invite to perform at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, and an exchange concert in London, England. KIConcert’s attention to detail, accommodation of requests, constant demonstrated respect and valuing of the customer, and ultimate concern for providing a life-changing musical experience for the children has made me a permanent customer. I give KIConcerts my highest recommendation based on the successful tour we conducted in 2013.

Terese Gemme

Southern Connecticut State University Choir

Spain 2013/14: Once again, Kingsway has provided us with an extraordinarily meaningful international travel experience. Being able to perform choral music with new friends from around the world in historic venues with standing-room only audiences is simply awe-inspiring, and KI makes that happen with every trip. Working with Craig Hella Johnson brought a spiritual and musical dimension to our music making that was transformative, and we are grateful beyond words for that experience. Through their intimate knowledge of the places where we travel and their efforts to get to know us as an ensemble, KI has provided educational experiences that are enriching, edifying, and inspiring. It is so rewarding to witness the musical, cultural, and personal growth that happens during these trips, a direct result of the unique programs that KI creates. Thank you for making these amazing adventures a reality! Thanks to all of you at KI for another amazing experience. It was great to see many of you in Spain. We are so grateful to be able to work with you!

Kevin Meidl

Appleton West High School Chamber Choir

Spain 2013/14: Unlike any other tour company with which I have worked…KI Concerts is able to find the best possible concert venues for the type of choir performing or event taking place. It is a wonder of the modern world how KI Concerts is able to deliver outstanding audiences for our concert performances. Nearly every concert I have done with KI has involved a "standing room only" type of crowd. It is so rewarding to prepare for a concert tour…rehearsal the music…and then arrive for a concert with the house full of enthusiastic listeners. Congratulations and thank you!!

2014: Oh my goodness. Such a kind and considerate thing to do. I deeply appreciate it and know that you truly support the military. Wow...Great customer service is a rarity and your company nailed it. Thank you.

Benjamin Vis

Wautoma High School

England 2013: It amazed me how well attended our concerts were! I was a bit nervous after hearing of some other tours lead by friends that were in empty halls, but I was surprised and delighted at the number of people who came.

Teren Shaffer

Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra

England 2013: KIconcerts created a memory of a lifetime for our OCYSO young musicians. An incredible performance tour that immersed us in local culture, shared the beautiful history/sights, and provided unparalleled concert experiences. The tour guides, local staff, and KIconcerts team were a pleasure to collaborate with, making our dream tour a reality and a huge success! Thank you for everything.

Christine Sargent

Rush-Henrietta Singers

France 2013: I trust KIconcerts to attend to the vision I have for my group and the details to accomplish a wonderful and memorable experience for my students and chaperones. I have traveled with them twice with groups of 60+ people and would do so again.

Dr. Monica Harper

Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church Choir

France 2013: The concert venues that KI arranged for us were first rate. We were thrilled with their assistance in helping us secure these great venues. See more photos of their tour.

Wesley Monumental UMC - France 2013, Monica Harper with Rollo Dilworth

Dr. Larry Wyatt

University of South Carolina

Italy 2013: I have taken several tours with KIconcerts. I know I can rely on them for excellent hotels, concert venues and wonderful guides. KI is a superb organization.

Bob Giere

Zumbro Lutheran Choir

England/Ireland 2013: Many thanks to the KI Concerts Staff and our fabulous tour guides for making this tour a memorable and life-changing experience for our choir. Every request and need was fulfilled with skill and professionalism. We will definitely use KI Concerts again for our next tour. Thank you for doing a wonderful job of planning this tour and accommodating our requests for performance, sightseeing and dining. We hope to use your services again in the future.

Luanne Crosby

Alfred University Chamber Singers

Italy 2013: This tour far exceeded our expectations. Concert venues were spectacular, both in their beauty and their exceptional acoustics. It was thrilling to work with fine musicians in these ancient and awe inspiring locations. Accommodations were comfortable and attractive. Our guide Edi was exceptional. She was informative, witty, warm and reliable. We felt like we were best friends and long acquaintances by the end of the nine day tour. Thanks to the work of KI, our audiences were large and receptive. It was such a thrill to perform and tour in Italy.

William Liberatore

Henry Gunn High School Choir

France & Spain 2013: I could not be more grateful for the concert experiences that were created for us. The church was spectacular, the Manresa choir was so warm and welcoming, and the audience was HUGE. See more photos of their tour.

Henry Gunn High School Choir and William Lieberatore - France 2013 - Avignon

Shannon Mack

Crescenta Valley High School

Italy 2013: I've been remiss in not emailing to tell you what a wonderful time we had during our tour of Italy in March. Every single aspect of the tour was exceptionally well planned, organized, and executed. All of our tour guides, especially our lead tour guide Michela, were wonderful! Our bus driver, Nelson, also did a phenomenal job! There were no problems of any kind throughout the tour and I give full credit for this to your organization's knowledge, experience, organization, flexibility, and thoughtfulness. The hotels were beautiful, the restaurants excellent, the venues flawless. Thank you so much for making this year's Spring Break the most rewarding my students and I have ever had!

Alfred R. de Jaager

West Liberty University Concert Choir

Spain 2013: This was my second tour with KI. I can’t imagine embarking on another concert tour with any other company. They are willing to help work through any issues, as they proved on my first tour when, due to a cloud of volcanic ash, our departure had to be delayed. They spent hours making sure that we were all able to arrive the next day, and then added a day at the end to make up for the lost day. Dealing with the home office folks by phone is always a pleasant experience. You know that they care about you and your issues.

Cassie Gillis

Bremerton High School Choir

Costa Rica 2013: In 2013, my choir toured Costa Rica and performed under the talented and amazing direction of Dr. Josh Habermann. What an experience for the students through music and culture. Costa Rica has so much to offer both musically and historically. KI made sure that we experienced this country to its fullest. I want to thank all of you at KI for working with us over the last 4 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences in traveling and performing with my students. You truly are the “Cadillac” of tour companies.

Bremerton and North Kitsap High Schools - Costa Rica 2013 - at Z13 Elementary

Thaddeus Price

Millford Mill Concert Chorale

France, England 2013: The Staff of KIconcerts was friendly, professional and quite accommodating. We totally enjoyed our overall travel experience and we look forward to booking another trip with KIconcerts again very soon! Our students had such a wonderful time they didn’t want to come home!

Dr Ian Loeppky

University of North Alabama Chamber Choir

Ireland 2013: Having gone on three tours with you guys, I'm convinced that KI's chief selling point on these tours is your care and consideration in selecting excellent guides. His thorough grasp of the rich history of his island combined with his engaging personality made for an educational experience that was as informative as it was enjoyable. The food! We were fed so well. The scenery was incredible. It was particularly the day we took the “Ring of Kerry” tour (surrounding the town of Dingle) that we were captivated with the natural beauty of the mountains, hills, and ocean. The excursions provided were excellent. One that stood out was a two-hour session of dance instruction (ending with some “Riverdance” choreography) which our students thoroughly enjoyed. The historical sites we visited, such as Kylemore Abbey, Blarney Castle, Phoenix Park, Trinity College, the streets of Dublin, and the ruins of a 4000-year-old fort were magnificent and awe-inspiring. The music we made will never be forgotten. Our joint concert with the Galway Gospel Choir (to a packed house), our impromptu concerts in beautiful cathedrals en route, and our final concert at St. Patrick’s in Dublin were life-changing. It was such a rewarding experience to provide an acoustic for our students that was worthy of their repertoire and their talents, and we were blessed with appreciative audiences at every turn. All scheduled venues were great. The cathedral in Dingle was fantastic, and would make a GREAT concert venue. The pacing and balance was great. Hotels were great. Thanks again for a fabulous trip. My plan is to go with you again in either 2015 or 2016.

Michael Dye

Niceville High School Chorus

Austria, Germany, France 2013: KIConcerts provided for a great tour of Austria, Germany and France. As a director, I have to start by describing what I learned about KIConcerts at the very start of the travel arrangements we worked together on, over a year before departure. I got support from numerous members of the KIConcert staff who got to know me and my group’s tour. I was impressed with the communication from and professionalism of the staff. They did what I needed them to do which left me able to do my job at school. They sent information well ahead of schedule, did follow-ups and necessary prompts, confirmed receipt of every e-mail, immediately, answered questions and produced literature that made planning and travel easier. I never worried about waiting for my questions or concerns to be addressed by a member of the KIConcert staff. Air travel arrangements went smoothly. I did not have to worry about what would happen in the airport with seventy-four travelers. Travel data was in my hands weeks before departure. For directors who have traveled a lot, you know how important organization is to your tour. For those who are looking to travel, you need a company like KIConcerts that will take care of the details, someone who you can trust to take care of the business of touring for you while you prepare your groups to perform. The tour managers/guides assigned to my group while on tour were professional, friendly and accommodating. They stayed out in front of problems and kept the stress off of me during the tour. Within the parameters of the tour, they allowed me to make decisions regarding how, when and where things would happen in a way that best suited my group. They communicated well in advance about what needed to be done on my part, then had everything ready for concerts, hotel stays and meals. This may be exactly what you would expect. However, many times this is not what you get from a tour company. The hotels were business hotels, modern, clean and safe. The motor coaches were modern and comfortable; the drivers were courteous and professional operators. Take a look at KIConcerts. They know the travel business and how to put together a successful tour for a music ensemble.

Niceville High School Choir and Mondsee Choir Austria 2013

Margaret Lafferty

Nazareth Academy High School PA

Italy 2013: Many thanks to KIconcerts for a wonderful trip. Our tour guide was most accommodating. The local guides in Florence, Assisi and Rome were very knowledgeable and made the information interesting for students and adults. Our 3 concerts were in beautiful venues with appreciative audiences. The sudden change of Popes added excitement and brought local news coverage to our school prior to our take off.

Chris Goff, Director of Music

Perth College Choir

UK 2013/14: I cannot say thank you enough to the team from Present Australia for working as our advocates to prepare such a wonderful music tour. They were meticulous in the planning, sensitive to our needs and flexible enough on the ground to be able to ensure that daily arrangements resulted in the best experience possible. All performances in Edinburgh, York and London were great successes and well received by very delightful audiences. Thank you from all the girls, parents and staff from Perth College, Western Australia.

Perth College Choir Tour - UK 2013/14

Dr Robert Braham & Claire Gamlin

Trinity College & Mercedes College

USA 2013: I would like to thank PA for organizing some wonderful concert opportunities in the USA. Working with high standard American High School ensembles and their directors was a real privilege. The workshops for choir and strings at Loyola Marymount University were very professional. I would also like to thank PA for introducing Trinity & Mercedes to the Heritage Festival in NY. Hopefully we will head back some day.

USA 2013 Mercedes & Trinity College LMU Chapel

Diane Higgins

Danebank Anglican School

China 2012: It is my absolute pleasure to furnish a testimonial for my recent trip to China with my concert band. I was in the process of preparing a trip and looking for a company to run the tour for me when fortunately I received an email by Present Australia. This turned out to be the best decision I made. The whole trip from the early discussions to the actual school performances in China was so well organised that it made my job very easy. We had a Chinese speaking guide for the whole trip who was able to not only help with the day to day activities but also to leave us with a long lasting affection and a deeper understanding of China as a country and as a people. The performances were definitely a highlight for us in particular the Performance we did on the Great Wall. It was such a privilege to be welcomed into the schools by students who were so accommodating and willing to talk and practice their English speaking skills. All the hotels were beautiful and well appointed with breakfasts a highlight. We also saw so many sights and outstanding places such as the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Olympic site in Beijing and the spectacular city of Shanghai. I would recommend without hesitation Present Australia as a tour company for any music tour.

Chris Goff

Perth College - Anglican School for Girls

London Olympic Games Tour 2012: It was incredible to be there during the Olympics and perform at the Live Sites. Southwark Cathedral was a beautiful venue in which to perform, with the Westminster Abbey Evensong probably the highlight for many of the girls on the trip.

Teresa Yoder

Walsingham Academy

London 2012/Ireland : Thank you so much for the incredible trip to Ireland and England during the 2012 Olympics. What your staff planned for us with excellent venues, an outstanding tour manager, and fantastic guides provided my students a lifetime of memories. I really appreciated also how your staff was able to work/balance through some of the “surprises” in the challenges of the Olympic Games – and for that I personally thank you.

Kevin Meidl

Badger State Girl Choir

Spain 2012/2013: The entire staff at KI can be congratulated for creating such a successful experience for our young singers. We were completely in your hands…and those hands never let us down. How nice to feel like everything about your tour has been so carefully prepared. KI Concerts is without question an organization that puts its travelers first. The quality of the concert experiences still, for my money, sets KI head and shoulders above other companies in the business. Well done!!! I know my demands for a low-budget tour that doesn’t look or feel low-budget are hard to achieve. I want you folks to know that you have hit a grand slam again…I appreciate you efforts on behalf of the Badger State Girl Choir!

Hart High School Show choir - London 2012

Kirk Wassmer

Didsbury High School, Canada

Glenn Price Festival London 2012: I've been meaning to drop you a note for a bit, just to let you know how much we all thoroughly enjoyed our tour with your company!

Tim Savoy

Groton-Dunstable Regional High School

London 2012: Overall this trip was amazing. The students, parents, and faculty were all very happy with our trip.

Jay Watkins, Director

University of Florida Gator Band

London 2012: The next time we take a group on international travel it will be with KI Concerts!! Impossible to put into words ALL of the details that they worked through for our tour to be a successful and unforgettable trip for all involved!!

Jared Johnson

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Italy 2012: We had a tour that in many ways surpassed our highest expectations, and I would do it again tomorrow if given the opportunity.

Gail Hart

Hart High School Show Choir

London 2012: Our experience with KI concerts was very positive. Our tour guide, Elizabeth, watched over us like a mother hen, and made sure we had the best possible experience. In an independent survey with my students, 100% of them said the experience surpassed their expectations. Because of this, I will be taking a group to Europe again with KI concerts, and wish I had done it sooner.

Hart High School Show choir - London 2012

Marti Koch

North Port High School Chorus

Rollo Dilworth Festival - London 2012: It was wonderful to have all the arrangements made for us in such a fun and efficient manner. We thoroughly enjoyed our musical venues and were amazed at all the things we were able to see and do. Thanks, KI, for all the big and little things you did for us as we prepared for and traveled to London. It was a life changing experience for my students.

Martha Brown

Voices in the Laurel Children's Choirs

Henry Leck Festival – Spain 2012: KI provided the best overseas festival experiences for our choir over all other companies we have traveled with. KI caters to choirs of every size.

James Reddan

Linn-Benton Community College

England 2012: KI Concerts did a fabulous job for our tour to London to celebrate the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics. The tour provided opportunities to perform masterpieces not possible at our home school with world class conductors, orchestra, and venues. My students will be talking about this for years to come! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!! We will definitely work with KI again!! FYI - This is the first time I have ever made an endorsement of any tour! Excellent Job!

Jonathan Krake

Chorus Abilene

Italy 2012: Thank you very much for helping us have a phenomenal time in Italy. Our performance venues were of the highest caliber and our experience in Italy was amazing.

: Oliver, Thank you for this email. I have struggled long over the situation with your company, and was embarrassed to have to cancel the way we did. I deeply appreciate your generosity of spirit in sending back 100% of the money we paid. You'll be glad to know that part of this payment actually purchased 2 new instruments for our very poor band program. The rest of the money is sitting well protected for our use, as our budget was cut in half for this year! 2013 is too soon for us, but I would be VERY interested in taking our overseas performance trip with you in 2014 or 2015. I have learned the valuable lesson of who to work with and trust for such a risky adventure.

Dr. Sean Burton

Briar Cliff University

Italy 2012: I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of our tour managed through KI Concerts, as was every member of my group! The tour manager, bus driver and local guides were completely professional and I was most appreciative for the exquisite venues and excellent promotion. We sang in beautiful spaces for full, enthusiastic audiences. Sharing with others is both the greatest opportunity and responsibility for any touring choir and the itinerary facilitated by KI ensured success. My heartiest thanks for an outstanding experience – we will do business again soon!

Angela Broeker, Director of Choral Activities

University of St. Thomas

Ireland 2012: Deepest thanks are woefully inadequate to express our group's gratitude for this tour experience. This is my 9th overseas trip with a choral organization, and I can say without hesitation that it was by far the best! Everything -- concert venues, audience attendance, collaborations with Irish choirs, hotel accommodations, meals, daily schedules -- everything was top notch, top rate, top quality. I know I speak for all 74 passengers when I say that this trip changed lives and built memories that will indeed last a lifetime. KI is simply the best tour company for performing ensembles. A special thank you for securing Siobhan and Michael as our tour guides. Best ever. We look forward to working with Kingsway in 2015 and beyond. May our paths cross again soon!

Dr. Patrick Liebergen

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Scotland/Wales/London 2012: Please know that I will have only rave reviews for you and your staff when my choral colleagues ask my about my travels with KIconcerts. Another absolutely terrific tour!!

Dr. Tom Merrill

Xavier University, Edgecliff Vocal Ensemble

Spain 2012: While it is fresh in my mind, I wanted to thank you all for arranging a FABULOUS tour. Everything went off without a hitch. All accommodations, meals, performance venues, etc. were outstanding. We had such a fabulous time, we are considering re-booking the same tour in 2014 with a new set of students.

Pat Antinone

Grapevine High School Choir

Italy 2012: The itinerary, hotels, concerts and meals were all outstanding. You made us feel like professionals at all times. You listened to and honored every request – no matter how small and provided excellent guidance in all our decision making. I would trust you to take my students any where at any time…you are simply the best. After two tours with KI Concerts, I would consider no other company for my international travel needs. You have taken my students to two continents and back again safely, scheduled concerts for us in the very best venues, always with a packed, enthusiastic audience. You treat my kids as if they were your very own. You do so much more than make travel arrangements and build itineraries. You facilitate experiences. Our tour had a flow and direction that made each part connect to the other, so that by the time we boarded the plane to return home, we had not simply seen Italy, we had experienced it. I have had countless students and parents express their thanks to me and wishes that I pass their gratitude along to you. Many have spoken of the tour as a life-changing experience. Truly, March 7-15 2012 the world was our classroom. When do we leave for the next one??? Prague, Salzburg and Vienna in 2015 anyone?????

Terese Gemme

Southern Connecticut State University Choir

England 2011-12: I wouldn't consider travelling with anyone but Kingsway. Their attention to detail and accommodation of special requests is extraordinary. KI's creation and coordination of events bringing several choirs together to sing choral masterpieces in historic settings under the leadership of renowned conductors provides an invaluable service for the musical development of choral groups. These trips, with their combination of musical inspiration, cultural exploration, personal discovery, and community-building experiences have been life-changing events for our students. As an educator, I can't think of any more worthwhile endeavor. This was an outstanding experience. It was wonderful to have Oliver, Michael, Kathy and other KI representatives with us - all great people! Simon Carrington was a real inspiration. He was tough, but exemplified the characteristics of an outstanding educator, challenging each and every singer, regardless of their ability, to give more than they thought they could, and moreover, to want to give more.

Paul Foster Jr., Director

TAMIU Chorale & Laredo Philharmonic Chorale

England 2011-12: I would highly recommend KIconcerts to any musical group travelling abroad for a memorable experience and a quality tour.  Click here to watch a video of the London festival.

Kevin Meidl

Appleton West High School

Sicily 2011-12: I would recommend KI Concerts to any potential traveler or colleague without hesitation. The quality and care that your company puts into EVERY detail is evident from the moment planning begins and doesn't conclude until well after the group safely returns home. I can't imagine a better combination of concert venues…acoustics…and huge audiences. I have never experienced with any other travel company the consistently high quality in every aspect of performance. To walk into the central square of a town and to see your posters everywhere…every church door and window…flyers being handed out to passers by…I can't begin to tell you how impressive and important that is to a conductor and choir. A tour can be wonderful to any destination but without the musical successes of a well-planned concert, workshop or exchange…it is all for nothing. KI Concerts absolutely knows how to do the job right and it is not an accident that our choir has returned from Sicily talking first and foremost about the musical experiences we had. Thank you and congratulations!! Thank you to Kathy, Michael, Oliver, Susan, Claudia and all the other staffers who professionally saw this tour come to its successful conclusion. We couldn't have done it without the efforts of each of you! Onward to our next adventure…

Susan Jensen, Tour Coordinator

Fresno Community Chorus

Italy 2011: I am grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with your dedicated team here in the states and in Italy. The trip was wonderful and the music-making was priceless.

Kevin Meidl

The Badger State Girl Choir

Italy 2011: I am willing to recommend KI concerts to any school or group interested in a first-rate international tour. Our Italian adventure was wonderful beyond words and a life-enhancing experience for all of our travelers. Thank you!

Dottie Tippett

Charlotte Catholic High School

China 2008: Kingsway is rated #1 in my companies that I have worked with in the last 25 years. Thank you!

Rebecca Brettingham

Dance Extreme

London 2012: I have yet to send an email thanking you and your staff for the wonderful trip. It was a life changing trip that will not be forgotten.


Danebank Anglican School

China 2012: Hi, I have just returned from a music tour of China with the Danebank Anglican school as a parent volunteer. I wanted to let you know that the tour you organised was outstanding and the tour guide Scott, second to none. He was informative, kind, caring and took the safety of the students very seriously. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to other schools who may be interested. Kind Regards, Maria

Glenys Anderson

South Australia Precision Dance

London 2012: Thank you PA Tours and Events for this wonderful experience in performing at iconic locations in London and the various tours. We all enjoyed the whole trip and would love to have extended it for at least one more week.

Alexis Fitzgerald

Esk Community Choir

Australia : Just thought I’d let you know how thrilled everyone was with their Mozart experience. It was a fabulous stay in Sydney and the music and singing are etched in the hearts and souls of all who attended. What a conductor! The rehearsals were as informative and enjoyable as the actual performance. We loved every minute of it. Thank you to you especially but also the girls, for making our stay so enjoyable. Everything appeared to be so well organized so hearty congratulations to you all. I’m still wondering in amazement at the wonderful opportunity you presented to us with your invitation to attend Mozart’s Requiem – we all felt truly blest to be given such an opportunity so on behalf of everyone, my very sincere thanks. You will never know just how much it has meant to us all to take part in such a special event.

Orange County High School of the Arts

Australia : Dear Australian colleagues OCHSA Symphony recently won a big, national award here in the US for our Australian tour last August. It's the award for American Repertoire on Foreign Tours and we could have been up against any US orchestra (professional, college and youth). We also placed first in the youth orchestra category for programming contemporary music (Brian Buggy's piece helped with that too!). I'm pleased of course to have won and that our great time in Sydney was rewarded like this. We all still look back so fondly on our time there and meeting everyone and thank all of you for helping to make it possible.

Bob Jackson, Co-chair

Seattle Men’s Chorus

Australia & New Zealand : On behalf of the entire tour committee from Seattle Men’s Chorus, we wanted to take a moment to thank you and let you know what a tremendous success our New Zealand and Australia tour was because of the personal touch provided by you and each member of your tour staff at PA. We would book our tour with you again in a heartbeat as well as strongly recommend your company to anybody who asks us.

Doug Litwin

GGVI Event Chair

Australia : I do want to specifically thank the amazing folks at PA. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty… these guys and gals provided service that most other travel groups can only dream of receiving. Their professionalism was absolutely first-rate, and we simply wouldn't have been nearly as successful without their efforts.

David Pugh

MusicalBiz, British Youth Theatre group

Australia : The performance program and organisation afforded to us by PA was second to none. The staff were a great set of people all of whom were very helpful and saw to all our needs and requests. Thanks to this the whole trip went off without a hitch.

Jeremy Brown

The Calgary Wind Symphony

Italy Ticheli Festival 2011: The band very much enjoyed the 2011 tour. Thanks.

Frank Ticheli Festival - Italy 2011


Dilworth 2012 London Festival : This was the trip and song of a lifetime...if you can do one...please do. Thanks so much for all the fun and laughter. I still have the music floating through my head . . . A superb trip!

Karen Moore

Spirit of America

South Africa 2011: I would enthusiastically recommend KI to any group planning a tour. Not only did the staff work tirelessly to ensure that our tour to South Africa reached our vision and expectations, but they also tended to the many (many!) details with utmost attention and care.

W. Edward McCall

Council Rock High School North

China 2008: In 2008, I traveled with my choir, parents, friends and staff to Shanghai and Beijing in the republic of China. We departed from the east coast of the United States. In total, we had 307 travelers on a ten day excursion. There were three different flight groups, eight buses, and a ton of luggage! From my very first encounter with KI, before we even signed a contract, I was impressed by their professionalism, thoroughness, and commitment to the customer. We had many expectations that went beyond the "packaged" tour. In every way, KI, bent over backwards to ensure that our needs were met. The arrangements for flights, hotels, meals, and sightseeing ran without any difficulties. KI puts an emphasis on the performance so that each tour is not an extended vacation for the students. That being said, there was enough balance so that everyone enjoyed their time. KI's staff are helpful, responsive and accurate. You cannot ask for more than that when dealing with a travel company. Even though I am at a new school I am using KI to prepare our 75th anniversary tour to Florence and Rome Italy in 2013.

Ann Smith

Director of Choirs-Liberty Christian School

Ireland 2011: My touring experience has been to Great Britain, Austria and France, Canada, and New York and Washington D.C. twice, none with KI Concerts. In 2009, our choir was given the go ahead to travel to Ireland. Since we are from a Christian school who takes yearly mission trips to Islands and South American countries, Ireland was a destination that our Mission group wanted to also experience. So we created the first of its kind; a Choir/Mission trip. KI had to work with me the Choir Director, and the Missions Director at our school. That had to have been difficult for them as the two of us had a common goal but different ways to reach it. We through all kinds of hardballs and softballs at KI and they always responded with professionalism and grace. I always felt and saw that they would go above and beyond to serve this group. We had over 200 people, 5 planes, 5 coaches and multiple destinations per day. They kept our schedule, they enhanced our schedule and they inspired all of us with their 24/7 attitude of “whatever it takes.” My next 20 trips will be with KI. If I can dream it, they can deliver it! Their group of high quality tour guides are passionate about giving each group what they want and need. Communication is a two way street, and when the client and the company are dedicated to this communication, the tour that is provided for the students will never be forgotten. And isn’t that why we tour? To enrich the lives of our students.

Mary Theresa Reed

Evanston Township H.S. Concert Choir

Greece 2011: KI Concerts does an excellent job! I will use this company again and again. They are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, accommodating and personable. It can be a daunting task to consider taking young people out of the country. KI makes it easy and manageable. More importantly, with KI Concerts, I am confident that my students will have a positive cultural, musical and fun experience. With KI Concerts, I have confidence that the memories will be lifelong treasures!

Mark Johnson

Minnesota Boychoir

Italy 2011: KIconcerts does not provide cardboard tour itineraries to every customer. With experience and integrity on their side, they listen and create a tailor-made tour to fit the needs of your music ensemble.

Charlie Cassady

Council Rock South High School Orchestra

France, Monaco 2011: The rehearsal and performance venues on this tour were no less than outstanding.

Bill Liberatore

Henry M. Gunn High School Choir

Italy 2011: The adjustment after an event like the tour is always such a struggle. Jet lag, exhaustion, etc. It is so nice to be able to look back and have no regrets whatsoever about the entire thing. Everyone was very, very happy with the tour and as always I enjoyed working with all of you so much. Thanks for making such great choices for us all along the way. It was a fantastic trip, and of course I am very relieved that we did not musically embarrass ourselves all over Italy.

Henry M Gunn High School - St Peter's Basilica, Rome

Sarah Harrison

Cherry Creek High School Meistersingers

Finland, Estonia, Latvia 2011: KIconcerts provided a quality performance tour. We had excellent venues, performances, accommodations and meals with a well-paced itinerary. We will use KI for our next international trip!

Kevin Meidl

The Appleton Boychoir

South Africa 2011: Thank you for arranging a magnificent concert tour! The preparations with regards to musical workshops, performances, venues, etc. was absolutely first rate on the part of KI Concerts. The three days of workshops, concerts and exchanges were perfectly arranged. We enjoyed large audiences, appropriate venues, and diverse musical experiences. As a professional conductor I couldn't wish for anything more! I felt like we were in great hands at all times! This tour was amazing and I would rate it as an A+. I would do it all over again!! These sorts of things don't happen by accident. Only a highly trained and dedicated staff makes such a tour happen. Our best interests and desires were always put at the forefront of Susan's thinking and the rest of the team. I appreciate this more than you know. We are all in your debt and look forward to the next tour with KI Concerts. On behalf of the Appleton Boychoir organization….THANK YOU!!!!!

Ian Loeppky

University of North Alabama Chamber Choir

Costa Rica 2011: Our Costa Rica tour struck the perfect balance between great singing venues and amazing natural beauties. Singing a concert is one thing: singing one after having spent one's morning swimming next to a waterfall and one's afternoon on the hanging bridges in a rainforest is quite another. An unparalleled and unforgettable educational experience for our students! We intend to do this tour again in a few years. This was the best, most educational, and most memorable choir tour I have been on as either chorister or director.

Cassie Gillis

Bremerton High School

Ireland, Scotland 2011: I so appreciated the exchange with other choirs. It was such a rich experience. We really enjoyed all the local cuisine. We tried all the local dishes…and were glad we had that opportunity. All Hotels were an interesting adventure… we enjoyed all the differences.

Elaine Quilichini

Calgary Girls Choir

Italy 2010: The Calgary Girls Choir 2010 concert tour to Italy was a one of the best tours we have ever taken. Our choir has traveled extensively in the past and we all felt that the venues, audiences, guides, arrangements and cultural aspects of the tour were outstanding. The concert venues were stunning and singing Sunday Mass at the Vatican was an experience none of us will ever forget. Thank you so much to KI and Oliver Scofield for their care and attention to detail. Managing 57 singers, their chaperons, and our staff was no easy task but in the end everyone was thrilled with the experience and would happily do it again! Gracie!

Dana Rothlisberger

Towson University Band

China 2010: KI came highly recommended and exceeded expectations. The office staff was supportive and helpful in all of the administrative details. With the ensemble on its first overseas tour, KI personnel took care of our needs and prepared us very well. The people of KI made all the difference. Oliver is masterful at putting people at ease and at being the head of a production team that crafted a marvelous experience for us. The tour was beautifully produced. Scott, our tour guide, was the single most important person for us while we were in-country. He, and the local team, made it seem effortless for us.

Geoff Lynch, Director

Marching Koalas

China 2010: The Marching Koalas had a tour packed full of exciting concert opportunities as well as a blend of cultural experiences that have left all of its members with lifetime memories of the visit to China and World Expo.

Dr. Peter J. Durow

Stetson University Choral Union

China 2010: Thanks for a great tour!

Dr. Kenny Sheppard

Southwestern University

China 2010: The trip was spectacular, and your staff was fabulous. Kathy, Eric and Scott (and company) were extremely organized, helpful and warm. I can't imagine a better trip. The musical venues were outstanding, especially the concert hall at the Forbidden City and the Oriental Arts Centre. The guides were very well informed and they cared for us very well. Performing in China was a profound experience in every way.

Dr. Erin Colwitz

University of Alabama Huntsville

Italy 2010: KI Concerts and their people are both extremely experienced and well-connected in the field of international ensemble touring. They are tremendously good at what they do. I will be using them again very soon, and would recommend their services to all of my collegiate choral colleagues.

Judy Garza

Irving Chorale, Irving, Texas

Switzerland 2010: How many superlatives can I use to describe our trip to Switzerland? It was the most fabulous that I have experienced with the Irving Chorale and I have made them all since 1994. The care and personal attention to detail that your whole team gave us was exceptional. We were so pleased that Oliver was at the airport in Zurich to greet us personally. Everything went exactly as planned with no detail left to chance and we were so excited about your promotinal pieces. The marvelous venus of the Jesuitenkirke in Lucerne and the Catherdral St. Piere in Geneva were beyond expectation. Our hotels were superb as were the meals. You truly did plan a trip for our small group (ranging from 44 to 79 years of age) that met our every wish. A thousand thanks for this truly unforgettable, truly customized tour. I would encourage all music groups to get on board with KI for the best experience possible. We will be calling you for our next overseas tour!!

Dr. Kevin Meidl

Appleton West High School - Kantorei

England 2009/10: What a wonderful tour KI Concerts arranged. From the beginning of the planning until after our return home it was absolutely first-rate. The value of what we received musically and culturally was far beyond what we experience on most tours with most companies. Perhaps the most significant part of the itinerary was our independent concert in Bristol Cathedal. Along with two other ensembles we performed a solo slot on the concert. It turned out to be one of the more memorable concerts in my career. This was due to the exceptional acoustics and beauty of the sanctuary...AND the absolutely full, standing room only, audience that was so enthusiastic. We came away from that performance and the Messiah performance in London with a real high. Celebrating New Years in London was also a great deal of fun and different...fireworks over the Thames is an experience most people could only dream about. We did that and so much more with KI Concerts. I would recommend the England Festival tour during the holiday season and KI Concerts to any conductor looking for a wonderful musical and cultural experience.

Matt Heist, Instrumental Music

Broadneck High School

Italy 2010: KI is a wonderful organization and I can't wait until we can organize another international trip!

Alfred R. de Jaager

West Liberty University

Poland, Czech Republic, Austria 2010: Faced with flight cancellations caused by clouds of volcanic ash, KI worked a miracle by getting us all to our destination only one day late, and then arranging an additional day at the end of the tour to give us the same amount of ground time. There is no doubt that I will book our next tour with KI.

Frederick Strassburger

St. Peter Claver Adult Choir

Italy 2010: I was very impressed with the whole planning process of our trip. The staff was extremely helpful and was always quick to respond to all questions. For the price of the trip we all thought everything was first class. I will definitely use Kingsway in the future for all of my choir's travels. Patricia was a wonderful tour guide and made the trip so memorable for us. We all had tears in our eyes when it was time to say goodbye to one another.

Dr. Ethan Sperry

Miami University

China 2010: The audiences in China are the most enthusiastic I've ever encountered - they even wanted pictures & autographs from the students after the shows?!?!?! KI planned a truly spectacular trip for us - they're 2 for 2 with me now.

Gary Gerber

Ouachita Baptist University

Classic Italy tour 2010: Our recent tour to Italy was by far one of the highlights of my career and a highlight of my choir's. I don't know that there is anything called a "perfect choir tour" especially in a foreign country, but KI Concert came as close as possible. Everything on the tour was simply perfect. From the hotels, to the meals, to sight-seeing, and the concerts; every detail was taken care of and every effort was made for my group to enjoy their brief time in each city of the tour.

Carolyn Dufort

Los Gatos High School

Italy 2010: I give KI Concerts my highest recommendation for your tour. We recently returned from a tour of Northern Italy with our High School Music program and 40 adult participants (122 persons total). I, too, have worked with 2 other tour companies and KI Concerts outperformed those companies five-fold. KI Concerts was recommended to us by a neighboring high school music director as his preferred tour company. During the planning process, I was very impressed with KI Concerts' shared enthusiasm for our adventure, their sensitivity to our trip objectives, and their solid relations with colleagues in the regions we would be touring. I was appreciative that the staff would answer my email inquiries within a few hours--and often I would receive an instant response. Oliver and his staff are courteous, detail-oriented people and they anticipated all of our needs during the trip. KI Concerts strives for excellence in every aspect of their custom tours. KI Concerts coordinated 3 performances for us in Padua, Lucca, and Rome. Our venues were beautiful, historic, and memorable and our audiences were enthusiastic and appreciative.

Cassie Gillis

Bremerton High School Choirs

Italy 2009: Last spring, we went with KIconcerts to Italy and honestly, it was the best experience we have had. To perform in some of the huge churches and cathedrals ...there is nothing to compare that experience within the USA. We were forever changed.

Patrick Antinone

GHS Mustang Choirs

China 2008: I have the picture of us performing in Shanghai in my office - that was the biggest performance in my program's history - I still can't believe the response that we got.

Starfire Singers, CA

Denmark 2009: Travel and music are not so different from one another. They have a beginning and an ending. They are about finding a flow in the turn of a road or in a line of notes. They are about discovering beauty in sound and sight and touch. They are about touching the part of the human spirit that yearns for something greater. Travel and music are not so different from one another, and Kingsway International has found a way of bringing them together into a perfect blend of harmony.

John Goldsmith

Heinz Chapel Choir, University of Pittsburgh

China 2009: Can't thank you enough for the wonderful concert venues you arranged for us in China! The response of the Chinese people was most gratifying and rewarding for all of us. Our tour escorts Scott Jiang and Angela Wang were fabulous . . . can't imagine having nicer, more knowledgeable guides anywhere. My group loved them. The hotel accommodations, too, were great!

Dr. Ian Loeppky

University of North Alabama Choir

Italy 2009: We were treated like royalty – it was a fantastic experience that we will never forget!

Julia Fahey

Partners in Praise

Greece 2009 - Australia 2011 - Australia 1999: This was truly one of the best tours ever. The girls can't stop talking about it.

Mary Pietro

Director of Liturgical Music, St. Mary Parish, Buffalo Grove, IL

Italy 2009: KI allowed us flexibility to make our performance tour a true once in a lifetime experience. Other tour companies force you into a 'cookie cutter' type tour. During our entire trip we felt that our happiness was Kingsway's top priority. I would definitely recommend KI as a company anyone would be happy to do business with.

Starfire Singers, CA

Denmark 2009 - Australia 2005: Travel and music are not so different from one another. They have a beginning and an ending. They are about finding a flow in the turn of a road or in a line of notes. They are about discovering beauty in sound and sight and touch. They are about touching the part of the human spirit that yearns for something greater. Travel and music are not so different from one another, and Kingsway International has found a way of bringing them together into a perfect blend of harmony.

Georgia Regional Girls Choir

Spain 2009: In ten years of touring, this is the first time we used Kingsway, and the best tour we have been on. Everything ran smoothly, and the tour guide, bus driver and bus exceeded our expectations. We were able to see so much of Spain, and the audiences at our performances were great.

Bill Liberatore

Henry M. Gunn High School Choir

Prague, Vienna 2009: I could not be happier with our tour. I just loved it. I love the Kingsway staff, and it was a pleasure to work through all the business ends of things with them. I was very happy with accommodations and food. The itinerary and performance schedule was just what I wanted, and I think the variety of musical experiences and the amazing venues were exceptional. Good size audiences too! I wouldn't change a bit of that. Again, I loved, loved, loved the tour and I cannot wait to do it again!

Sue Pitman

University of Wisconsin-Stout Alumni Program

Italy and Austria 2009: I was most pleased with KI staff in all our dealings. They were professional in all our exchanges; very timely in responding, demonstrated great patience in answering the same question a number of times, had great follow through and did it all with great kindness. Your staff comes highly recommended.

Greeley Chorale

Greece 2009: The Greeley Chorale has traveled with Kingsway now 3 times and our Concert Tours to China, Italy, and Greece have been very wonderful and rewarding. The KI team was complete and thoughtful throughout our travels. They were especially helpful in emergency events.

South High Band Boosters Inc.

Italy 2009: KI provided a lifetime experience that many of our students will never forget!

Bill Liberatore

Henry M. Gunn High School Choir

Prague, Vienna 2009 - Austalia 2006: I could not be happier with our tour. I just loved it. I love the Kingsway staff, and it was a pleasure to work through all the business ends of things with them. I was very happy with accommodations and food. The itinerary and performance schedule was just what I wanted, and I think the variety of musical experiences and the amazing venues were exceptional. Good size audiences too! I wouldn't change a bit of that. Again, I loved, loved, loved the tour and I cannot wait to do it again!

Dr. Steve Zielke

Oregon State University Choir

Hawaii 2009: Terrific planning and excellent organization. KI worked with our specific interests and cared for our every possible need.

Mary Jane Keathley and the choir

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC

Australia and New Zealand 2009: Kingsway was absolutely wonderful in every respect! The opportunity to sing in the Opera House is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. Do everything you can to get there, KI will take care of the rest.

David Hobson

Centenary College Choir

Australia and New Zealand 2009: World Voices Australia proved to be an exceptional experience – both musically and culturally – for our group. From top notch tour guides to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of singing in the Sydney Opera House, I would highly recommend this Kingsway International program to future Choirs.

Simon Carrington

Yale University

Seoul and China 2009: KI's organisation of the Bach B Minor Mass tour to Korea and China by Yale Schola Cantorum and Collegium Players was a resounding success and beautifully executed in every way. We were all tremendously impressed by the attention to detail in the concert venues, the expertise and charm of the guides, the quality of the hotels and meals, and the calm resourcefulness and sensitivity displayed by every member of the Kingsway team.

Caerphilly Male Voice Choir

Wales 2009: A 'big thank-you' to you and your team for allowing us to sing with the visiting choir on their Welsh Tour. I know they thought they were privileged to sing with us in such surroundings, but we truly were overwhelmed by their professionalism and quality of singing.

St Lukes Church Cardiff

Wales 2009: Dear Robin, hope the Caerphilly concert was as good as ours last evening. I'm sure it was. The Cardiff concert exceeded our expectations with both choirs being enjoyed by the audience. Thanks once again for a great concert. Please give our thanks to the choir and their brilliant conductors.

Mary Jane Keathley and the choir

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC

Australia and New Zealand 2009: PA Tours & Events was absolutely wonderful in every respect! The opportunity to sing in the Opera House is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. Do everything you can to get there, PA Tours & Events will take care of the rest.

David Hobson

Centenary College Choir

Australia & New Zealand 2009: World Voices Australia proved to be an exceptional experience – both musically and culturally – for our group. From top notch tour guides to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of singing in the Sydney Opera House, I would highly recommend this Kingsway International program to future Choirs.

Dr. Karen Kennedy

Director of Choirs, Towson University

Scotland & England 2009: KI did an extraordinary job planning and administrating our tour. The office staff handling our booking made us feel as if we were their number 1 priority. Once in Scotland, we were educated and entertained wonderfully by our guides, and the itinerary was perfectly tailored to our needs and desires. We look forward to our next KIconcerts tour!