Italy - Rome, Colosseum   China - The Great Wall

Budget Tips

International concert tours typically range from $2000 to around $3500 per person.* While $2000 is not much more than some ensembles pay to travel for their domestic tours we know it is a significant amount.

30 years of experience tells us this about international performance travel:

1. Make it a focus: Choirs that make performance tours a core focus of their program’s development can often find a way to achieve it

2. Pick destinations that suit your budget: Costa Rica for around $2000, Europe from a touch higher depending on season, Australia or South Africa if your singers can afford more. Or have a look at our Entrée Europe programs – 6 destinations from $2500 in spring!!!

3. Choose a time of year that works: winter touring is cheapest and spring is moderately priced prior to the airlines applying peak summer pricing

4. Plan ahead: get the word out 18-24 months prior to travel. Sign up those interested now and invite the others to join later (new singers can sign up in fall). Preparing for an international concert tour adds excitement!

5. Fundraising: you know your community better than anyone but some have great success with SCRIP, others have boosters that support tours, encourage the community to sponsor part of the costs for individual travelers or invite local business people to sponsor a particular tour concert or event – a concert at the Sydney Opera House, climbing the Great Wall of China etc.

 6. Tour with part of your ensemble: this is often used to build a touring tradition even in this economy. 40+ is the ideal economic number for touring, however you can join a KI festival with as few as 20 for the same price. Remember it is not just singers that count; invite accompanying passengers, alumni, family members or team up with another ensemble. One complimentary package is standard for every 20 travelers.

7. Consider a shorter tour: perhaps until the economy bounces back you might look for a shorter tour – the 2 biggest expenses are the per day cost and the airfare.

8. Group or individual billing: we offer individual billing at no extra cost if that suits you. We can create a payment schedule that suits your choir.

International concert tours change lives, build programs and inspire musicians. They are not cheap but they are affordable and they represent incredible value for money.

*Including the airfare from NYC, breakfast/dinner daily, private coach transfers, experienced tour managers throughout, 3.5 star hotels and concert arrangements.