Z. Randall Stroope
June 2017

Spain 2017 with Z Randall Stroope

Festival Barcelona with Z. Randall Stroope

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Dear Friends, 

Of all of the career activities that come to mind for conductors and singers, perhaps one of the MOST rewarding and memorable is international travel. Two things are immediately attractive about this fantastic festival itinerary - the tour company, KIconcerts and the destination. I personally endorse KIconcerts, and were friends with their leadership long before I conducted any of their festivals. Quality and service are first with KI. When things need immediate attention on tour, they will be there for you. I know. Couple KIconcerts with the destination - Spain, and you have a perfect combination. Spain has ALL of the flair and sights you expect in Europe, but it is rarer for American choirs to tour through Spain - you are special there, and the cost factor is very attractive. You can also extend your tour to some fantastic locations in other countries. Give it a long, hard look and, if you like, contact me directly. I stand behind this proposal 100% and am incredibly excited about the timing, performing opportunities, travel arrangements and the cost.

Hope to see you on board! 

Z. Randall Stroope
Artistic Director & Conductor

June 2017 | Barcelona & Extension touring & concerts to Madrid or South of France | Individual & Festival Concerts