Henry Leck
June 2017

Henry Leck Choir Festival - Ireland 2017

Henry Leck Choir Festival Ireland 2017

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Dear friends 

It is my pleasure to invite your participation in our 2017 Ireland Choral Festival! 

The Irish summer days are long with the sun not setting till 10pm, the leprechauns are welcoming and the four leaf clovers abundant. Ireland is a country of great whimsy, culture and beauty and we propose to explore all three. 

Individual choirs (who wish it) will sing in their own right. We will join for combined choir rehearsals and will stage gala concerts in Cork and Dublin that spotlight our individual choirs and present the power of our full combined festival choir! 

Enjoy the comradery and joy of combining in great venues with warm audiences while touring as your own choir and singing your individual concerts as desired. 

Join me ‘singing as one and together as many’ in one of the greatest countries of Europe

Henry Leck
Artistic Director & Conductor
KI’s Distinguished Music Advisor 

June 2017 | Individual & Festival Concerts | Cork & Dublin