Dr Janet Galván
July 2019

Passion of Italy 2019 with Janet Galvan

Passion of Italy 2019 Choir Festival with Janet Galván

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Dear Colleagues, 

I am thrilled to invite you to participate in our 2019 Passion of Italy festival. 

After the amazing success of the Ireland Choir Festival in 2016, I am excited to work with KIconcerts again to provide extraordinary concert and rehearsal experiences that exemplify the power of coming together in song. 

I love Italy, and I also love bringing singers together to create what I call “the power of we.” I am passionate about planning beautiful programs that are tailored for the concert location, and the context of the tour. I will create a program that will be diverse but unified and will reflect the unique qualities and interests of the participating ensembles. We will present a program that will communicate and move audiences. 

KIconcerts provides venues worthy of your singers’ talent, skill, and commitment. The festival choir will sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica and will perform our Gala concert the next evening. You will also be invited to sing in concerts with your own choir and to enjoy sightseeing with your singing companions, always a unique and rewarding experience. 

From Piazza Navona to the Trevi Fountain, Rome excites all the senses as one walks through a city full of history, art, and the origins of so much of the music that we treasure. Love of music and art is palpable in Rome, and your singers will love performing in this great city. 

Optional Italian extensions are available to Florence and Venice with individual concert opportunities in Tuscany and Venice. 

I look forward to further communication with you as you consider this invitation for us to embark on this musical adventure together. 

A presto! (See you soon)

Dr. Janet Galván
Artistic Director & Conductor 

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