Costa Rica
Ian Loeppky
May 2019

Costa Rica 2019 with Ian Loeppky

Voices United in Costa Rica with Ian Loeppky - May 2019

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Costa Rica dazzles the senses with its volcanic rugged landscapes, its lush rain forests home to unique flora and fauna as well as its pristine beaches and effervescent people. 

Overlay these natural wonders with an exciting music program for combined choirs, accompanied in rehearsals and concert with a top collegiate string orchestra, and you have an inexpensive opportunity to take your choirs touring overseas, and without jet lag! 

I have toured my ensembles on many occasions - including Costa Rica with KI - and nothing stretches a choir better or creates esprit de corps more than a concert tour. Being on the road together rehearsing and performing intensely can be the perfect culmination of a year’s study and work. I am always looking for cost-effective ways to make this a reality for my singers and this Costa Rica Festival represents the perfect combination of price, quality musical experiences and an educational destination offering many cross-cultural experiences. 

I would be honoured if you would consider joining me on this great performance adventure!

Ian Loeppky
Artistic Director & Conductor 

Costa Rica 2019 | Accompanied by the University of North Alabama String Orchestra