Leck & Shangkuan
June/July 2021

Tartan Choir Festival Edinburgh 2021 with Henry Leck and Pearl Shangkuan

Tartan Choir Festival - Edinburgh 2021 with Henry Leck & Pearl Shangkuan

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Dear friends

I hope to be able to host you and your singers at the Tartan Choral Festival in Edinburgh with the renowned Pearl Shangkuan in the early summer of 2020.

It is great that Pearl and I are able to collaborate in this way. Dr. Shangkuan is an incredible colleague…admired and respected throughout the world. I have conducted with her in Carnegie Hall and can say firsthand, you are in for an incredible musical experience. Her gentleness and strength, along with her command of vocal nuance will create a life-changing experience for your singers!

We will work with our treble and SATB singers, bringing the combined choir together for the Gala Concert which will also feature the participating individual choirs. While creating great music together we will also be immersing ourselves in the proud and distinctive culture of the Scotts. We will enjoy tours to the Edinburgh Castle as well as past all of Edinburgh’s sights including Holyrood Place – the Queen’s residence when in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a safe fascinating destination which serves as a gateway to further touring in the Highlands and to Glasgow or south to London.

We look forward to assisting your tour planning and to making this Edinburgh Tartan Choral Festival experience truly memorable for all.

Henry Leck