Frank Ticheli
June 2019

Toronto Band Festival 2019 with Frank Ticheli

Frank Ticheli Toronto Band Festival 2019

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Fellow musicians 

Let’s gather in Toronto to rehearse and perform together for a spectacular gala concert in the lead up to the 2019 Canada Day celebrations.

I am very pleased to be leading this festival of fine North American bands. We will rehearse and perform together as a festival ensemble in addition to staging all the participating bands individually.

I look forward to performing with you and your ensembles – I always enjoy the magic that is unleashed when a composer and performers join together to find new ways to interpret and express music. It can be thrilling. 

The combined repertoire will also feature other North American composers as we prepare for the week in which both Canada and the US celebrate their national days.

There is nothing like touring an ensemble in summer as a culmination of the year’s esprit de corps. Our festival will amplify this further as we create fine music with new friends before appreciative audiences in Toronto, one of the great cities of North America. 

I look forward to hearing from you if I can answer any questions as we prepare for this great band event.

Frank Ticheli
Artistic Director 

Toronto June 2019 |  Extension to Niagara Falls