Henry Leck

Henry Leck, Distinguished Music Advisor to KIconcerts


Distinguished Music Advisor
to KIconcerts

With KIconcerts Henry Leck will:
Lead festivals - Cuba – June 2018
and Iceland – early July 2018
Develop new projects
Support emerging talent
Advise on international destinations/contacts/concerts

KI welcomes Henry Leck and is delighted to
share his talents further with choirs touring internationally!

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Henry Leck is an internationally recognized choral director, Henry Leck is a Professor Emeritus in Choral Music at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and Honorary Associate Professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. In 1986 he became founder and artistic director of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, one of the largest and most successful children’s choir programs in the world. The touring choirs of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir have performed regularly for national ACDA, MENC, OAKE and AOSA Conferences. Additionally, the ICC tours internationally every year and has sung in prestigious concert sites throughout Great Britain, Greece, France, Scandinavia, Central Europe, South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand and China. In 2004, the touring choir performed in the Czech Republic and Russia, recording live with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra in the famed Pavel Slobodkin Center for Music.

Henry Leck, Distinguished Music Advisor to KIconcerts